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The Devil Is Making A Snowman

Posted by ALmod on July 20, 2005

I can’t believe it. It’s finally happened. I’m about to actually PRAISE President Bush. It’s official. The end of the world is coming.

I’m just waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out and tell me that I’ve been “punked.”

The president announced his choice for a Supreme Court nominee last night, and as it turns out, it isn’t someone that makes me want to hurl a toaster oven at my television set during the news cast.

It’s true that John Roberts leans a little too far to the right, but it could have been much worse. This guy has actually passed screening by the Senate Dems before, and despite his personal beliefs, he doesn’t seem to have that “conservative activist judge” feel. (No. Activist judges are not limited to the “liberals.”)

He’s pro-life, but I’m also very much pro-life except in cases of rape of medical complications, though I personally would never have an abortion under those circumstances. I just find it extraordinarily hard to judge someone who would. Considering all of the safe and effective methods of birth control at our disposal during this day and age, it is much simpler to just use one of those instead. And should these methods fail, the woman could just have the baby and give it up for adoption as opposed to putting herself though a procedure that is physically and emotionally traumatic. Women have come a long way. We are more educated about sex and the resulting consequences. We say that we can be more responsible. Saying that we as women are left with a dangerous medical procedure as a necessary choice for birth control is insulting and degrading. That’s my feeling. Take it or leave it.

My only complaint about John Roberts is that he is… a “he.” When (not if) the conservatives bring Roe v. Wade back to the courts, it only seems fair to have another woman there to decide. It just doesn’t seem fair to have a court comprised of eight men and one woman. I would love to hear some other thoughts on this.


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