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Just Admit You Were Wrong

Posted by ALmod on August 24, 2005

So apparently, Pat Robertson was just misunderstood. Whatever.

Would that be the same way that NARAL’s ad attacking John Roberts was misunderstood? Or how about the way that our politicians endlessly apologize, not for what they said, but that we goofed up and misunderstood them? Can anyone around here just admit that they said something without thinking first, apologize, and then move on?!

Instead, we are usually left with the offender in question not necessarily apologizing for their mistake. Instead, they are apologizing that we “misinterpreted” what they were saying. Right. “I’m sorry you screwed up,” is not an acceptable apology. It’s an insult.

My first example is NARAL. The group ran an attack ad targeting Supreme Court nominee John Roberts, implying that he endorsed violent anti-abortion extremists. Annenberg Fact Check and The Daily Show, God bless them, were among the first to expose the ad’s misleading content. In fact, the ad was little more than false. NARAL later removed the ad, but only after writing a letter to Fact Check requesting that the organization retract its previous story. As Brooks Jackson wrote, “We are not retracting our article. Instead, it is NARAL that is withdrawing its ad.” When the attack ad was removed, NARAL President Nancy Keenan stated that the ad had been “misconstrued.” In other words, “We’re sorry you were too stupid to get it.” We got it just fine, Ms. Keenan.

The ad shows a Birmingham clinic bombing and the nurse who was injured. And just to make sure that us stupid folks get it into our thick skulls that this man is dangerous, the announcer states, “Supreme Court nominee John Roberts filed court briefs supporting violent fringe groups and a convicted clinic bomber,” and that his “ideology leads him to excuse violence against other Americans.” Now you tell me, Ms. Keenan, how exactly that was “misconstrued” as a blatantly false implication. How else exactly was that supposed to be intended? Was there another message that you were trying to convey to me and my fellow voters? I guess I’m just too stupid to see the underlying symbolism in your artwork.

Now Pat Robertson is weaseling his way out of a decent apology. He didn’t apologize for what he said. He apologized that we didn’t correctly interpret what he said. I’m calling your bluff, Pat.

Robertson said today, “I didn’t say ‘assassination.’” Oh yes you did. As a matter of fact, you said, “If he thinks we’re trying to assassinate him, I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it.” Now how exactly was that misunderstood? Do you honestly think that when you broadcast something like that on national television, nobody will record your statements for later use? Then you try to tell us that you meant for us to hear that you wanted him simply removed from power in other ways, like kidnapping.

But you did get caught in your lie. Someone quoted you or showed you a video, and you had to admit that you said it and were not, in fact, misquoted. While we’re discussing those who encourage terrorism, I suppose you were also misquoted when you suggested that the State Department building be blown up with a nuke, a statement that has “terrorist” written all over it.

Does that mean that you would have stuck to your original story if someone hadn’t squeezed an actual apology out of you?

UPDATE 8/25/05, 9:05 a.m.

Apparently Pat Robertson did finally admit that he was wrong and appologized on his website yesterday. Although the fact still remains that Robertson first tried to lie at first and say that he did not call for the assasination on President Chavez. However, I understand that everyone makes mistakes. If he can be big enough to admit that he was wrong and apologize (even if it was only after he got caught), I can be big enough to give him a break.


One Response to “Just Admit You Were Wrong”

  1. ArlenRay said

    Bravo! Well stated! He said “assasination” as CLEARLY as you could say it and on national television. (I really do think Jesus may have a problem with that.)

    NARAL’s wasn’t as blatant but it was premeditated.

    Excellent post!

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