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Catch-Up for the Entertainment Industry

Posted by ALmod on November 8, 2005

I saw this Associated Press article in my newsbox today, and I had to comment. It’s about time that these guys quit pouring all of their energy into fighting technology. After all, with all their creative juices going toward court battles, it seems that there was very little left to produce decent music, movies, and television. There have been hits, but for the most part, it’s been recycled crap lately.

I love that I’m soon going to be offered the opportunity to download certain episodes of my favorite shows. Some people may gripe about the 99 cents thing, but compared to the fact that I previously had to purchase the entire series on DVD for the low, low price of an average $50-150 just to see the episode I missed, I think I’m getting off fairly cheap.

The same goes for songs made available for download. One of the biggest mistakes of my life was buying the Alicia Keys debut CD. I loved her first single, so I figured that the rest of the CD would be just as good. Lesson learned: Listen to it before you buy it. But still, even if there was another song that I loved on that CD, it was never released as a single. So I was stuck buying an entire CD for two good songs and eight crappy “filler” songs. Now I can just find the songs that I like and purchase them for 99 cents each, or less if I have a subscription for unlimited downloads. Compared to $15 for an entire CD filled with songs I hate, $2 for two songs that I love is a great deal!

But there is another, much better result from all of this. If the RIAA or the MPAA really wants me to spend my hard-earned money on the CD or DVD that they have produced instead of far more important things (like food and gasoline), they must produce something worth the price that they charge for it. Fewer people are going to the theaters to watch movies these days. After all, why would you pay an average of $16/couple to pay for overpriced food and watch a movie in a room full of annoying people when you can pay $10-20/month to watch all the movies you can handle in the comfort of your own home with the kitchen just a few steps away?

And big screens? Surround sound? Most of us have our own miniature theaters nowadays. And when was the last time you invested that much into a movie only to have buyer’s remorse 90 minutes later? If Hollywood wants me to pay them that much money to see their movie in the theater, they will produce something that I simply can not wait to see. It’s capitalism at its best!


One Response to “Catch-Up for the Entertainment Industry”

  1. Arlen Crawford said

    Hear Hear…excellent post today. I splurged and saw 3 movies over the weekend and while they were mediocre to okay, I would have been dollars (and time) ahead to rent them. Jarhead was an accurate, but filthy depiction of military life, Good Night & Good Luck had an interesting historical perspective (but not THAT interesting) and Shopgirl, well let’s just say that I could have done without a 60 year old man sleeping with a 25 year old woman.

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