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Bush Criticizes His Critics

Posted by ALmod on November 14, 2005

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a king. This king did things that his people didn’t like. He passed unfair taxes on his subjects, and these subjects had no say in the matter. They had no representation. Those who disagreed with the taxes and spoke out were arrested. Some were tried for treason and hanged.

So some of the people decided to revolt. It was a long and bloody battle, but with help from allies who would later be hated by the very people they helped, the oppressed people won their independence from this oppressive form of government. They decided early on that in order to keep things fair, they must give the people the opportunity to speak out when they believe that the government was not doing things correctly. They gave the press the same opportunity so that (hopefully) those in charge of the government would be held accountable to the people. This would be a government full of opinions– opinions that would be heard and taken into consideration. This would be a government of the people, for the people, and by the people. And after over two hundred years (and counting) of getting it right, this country is currently known as the United States of America.


When a country that has a history such as ours is led by a man who openly discourages free speech, it troubles me. So what if people disagree with you? That’s what is so wonderful about this country in the first place! Perhaps there is a good reason that they disagree.

One of the most well-paid position in a large corporation is that of a freelance consultant. Companies pay millions to someone who will tell them what they are doing wrong and to make suggestions, and it works. Companies do better, make better products, have better employees, and have better bottom lines as a result.

But then there are those who say, “If you don’t support the war, you aren’t supporting the troops.” Nonsense. I love my brother very much, but I don’t have to love his smoking habit. We love our troops and everything that they stand for. We just don’t agree with the reasons that our government is using those troops.

But then there are those who say, “They are defending our freedom. You wouldn’t have that freedom of speech if it weren’t for efforts like this.” Poppycock. The best way that I can honor a soldier is to use the very liberties that he fights for. Otherwise, what would be the point? Why would you want to fight for something that nobody will ever use? And as for this current conflict, it has absolutely nothing to do with my liberties. It (currently) has more to do with spreading a foreign idea to another country, something that has historically not worked through military conflict. In fact, it has historically been disastrous.

This latest move by Bush is, at most, nothing more than a desperate move to win back support. Judging by the latest poll numbers, it hasn’t worked.

Finally, there are those who say, “If you don’t like this country, then leave.” Tell that to those who originally founded this country. Those who fought not to leave it, but to change it and make sure that future changes could be made.


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