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No Similarities Whatsoever

Posted by ALmod on November 18, 2005

This is in response to the people who keep saying that there are no similarities between the CIA leak scandal and Watergate. I repeat, people keep saying that there are no smiliarities whatsoever. Yet, for some reason, I keep expecting G. Gordon Liddy to break into Patrick Fitzgerald’s home at any minute… It’s comical, really.


2 Responses to “No Similarities Whatsoever”

  1. Arlen Crawford said

    Oh, there may be vague or faint parallels, but they are smaller than minimal.

    Libby’s nothing more than a fall guy and a half-hearted one at that because he’s the only one indicted and it took forever to do that. Plus, he has yet to be tried, convicted and serve time. This investigation can’t (or won’t) even nail Rove, much less anyone bigger.

    As for Watergate, check out how many people were indicted, convicted, served actual jail time (Chuck Colson, G. Gordon Liddy among others), others who were relieved of their duties or the ones, including Nixon, who resigned in shame. When Nixon said he was not a crook, he wasn’t too convincing. But do you think that Bush honestly knew what Libby did or for that matter knows what goes on in his administration?

    You should pose that question to the good people of New Orleans.

  2. The Alabama Moderate said

    If what you say is correct, and he didn’t know, then it brings in the “Scrushy” factor… Which was worse, if he knew what was going on or if he didn’t? If he knew, then he deliberately misled people. If he doesn’t know what’s going on, then on of the most powerful men in the world stands to be manipulated… Not exactly a comforting thought.

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