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What You DON’T Know About Christmas

Posted by ALmod on November 28, 2005

I can’t find a link, but I did notice that someone recently wrote a letter to the Birmingham News to complain that a local retailer was now selling “holiday” trees instead of “Christmas” trees. The letter writer then went on to complain that this was another example of “trying to take Christ out of Christmas.” I have one problem with the writer’s complaint. He/she needs to get the facts straight.

In order to “take Christ out of Christmas” you are going to have to take out something that actually has to do with Christ. The Christmas tree is a (no joke) pagan tradition that was assimilated into the Christmas holiday to make it more palatable to non-Christians. Constantine was a huge culprit in doing things like this to the Christian religion in general so that he could better market his newfound religion to his then pagan empire. For example:

  1. The institution of “saints” to appeal to religions that worshiped more than one deity.

  2. The celebration of Christ’s birthday on December 25, the day formerly set aside for the feast of the sun god.

  3. Devotion to relics and stone images. Mostly Catholic. (By the way, read commandment number two.)

The “Christmas tree” is a tradition that the prophet Jeremiah actually condemned before Christ was ever born. (Jeremiah 10:2-4) The tradition of cutting down a tree, bringing it into the home, and decorating it was to celebrate the winter solstice, which usually occurred somewhere between December 20-23. The best we can tell, the tradition started with the Greeks in worship of the god Adonia. The Romans would later do this to honor their fertility god, Bacchus. (That’s Bacchus the fertility god, not Spencer Bacchus, the House Representative I can’t stand.)

Other pagan traditions that worked their way into Christmas include, but are not limited to, mistletoe (Druids), candy canes (the e-mail story is false), gift giving (Saturnalia), and Santa Clause (actually a saint, but nothing to do with Christmas).

And this may surprise you. “Xmas” is not a form of taking Christ out of Christmas! The word originates from the Greek word for Christ, which is “Xristos.” Europeans began using the first initial of Christ’s name (“X”) as an abbreviation for the word “Christ” way back in the 16th century.


3 Responses to “What You DON’T Know About Christmas”

  1. Altoid said

    I appreciate the fact that somebody actually studies their religion. Great post!!!

  2. rebekah said

    Agreed. However, most people are too ignorant to know that “X” means Christ and think they’re taking Christ’s name out when they type that.

    I have a ton of pagan friends, so I’ve heard this many times before 🙂 Based on astronomy/common sense researches have concluded Jesus was actually born around April 18th.

    Nice post!

  3. Arlen Crawford said

    Great post! And another thing: if we celebrate Christmas every Dec 25, does that mean we have NO clue as to when Jesus died or was resurrected? I mean, Easter comes every year like someone was throwing darts at a calendar to schedule it. The only thing consistent about it is that it’s inconsistent.

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