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Initiative and Referendum UPDATE

Posted by ALmod on January 10, 2006

I forgot to add that, in my conversation with Rep. McClendon yesterday, I also asked him about his stance on I&R. He has said that he is in support of such a law. (Yet another reason for me to like this guy so much.)

As promised, I will clear up some confusion over my previous post on the subject.

The link to the Dr. IQ website is posted on the right side of my blog, under the “Links” section. In case you have trouble finding it, the link is also here.

It may also take some searching to find out about I&R from the other website that I posted, so I am posting another link that will lead you to a specific page that can explain a bit. This page doesn’t go into a lot of detail, so I recommend that (should you have the time) you explore the entire site. There are several documents and pages that go into greater depth. Here is the short version of an I&R description.

I also clarified in my previous post as to what Rep. McClendon said and what my interpretation of the conversation (regarding a bill) was.

Just to be clear for future reference, if I ever quote someone, it is placed in quotation marks or a block quote format (indented). I should also note that I do not directly quote anyone (not even my husband) without first obtaining verbal or written permission, unless I am referring to a quote in a previously written news piece or the quote contains less than two words. Anything else should be understood as either me paraphrasing or interpreting a conversation. I’d hate to cause any confusion (or potential damage) to a person due to the assumption that I was directly quoting him/her when I am not. Words can be too easily twisted or misunderstood, and politics is a nasty game where the opponents are often aiming far below the belt.


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