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In Other News – 2/8/06

Posted by ALmod on February 8, 2006

Two stories that I was excited to see this week:

US evangelicals seek green laws

House Republican Calls for FISA Changes


4 Responses to “In Other News – 2/8/06”

  1. Pastor John said

    when will this mason infestation stop? when will the illegal immigrants be beaten with a bowling pin, one at a time?

  2. Kirk said

    The only moderate was Jesus Christ and you fall well short of His glory. You are another blame America first extreme environmentalist. God made the Earth and all its creatures to serve us and it is blasphemy to suggest that we don’t develop every inch of it as He intended. I am glad that the liberals that have infiltrated the Republican Party are finally exposing themselves as they just ensured their defeat in the primaries. I hate to be the one to inform you, but the President makes the laws and if He does something then by definition it is legal.

  3. The Alabama Moderate said

    How on earth did I suddenly become a troll magnet?

    Kirk, had you ever even bothered to study the basics of how our government is run, you would know that Congress (Legislative Branch) makes the laws. (Judging by your spelling, grammar, and blatant display of racist art, I’m not surprised.) The president can sign a bill into law, but it must first pass through Congress. Even if the president does not sign the bill, Congress can still pass the law without it.

    And another thing… You are correct to state that God left the care of the earth and its creatures into the hands of man. But you are incorrect to state that it is to serve us. Jesus made it very clear that the land and its creatures serve God, including the “very rocks.” We wouldn’t be very good caretakers, though, if we destroyed the earth.

  4. Kirk said

    I don’t think it’s nice of you to make fun of people’s looks. You’re probably not so good looking yourself jerk.

    Congress makes the laws? Wow, dense and mean. You must have women clinging to you.

    There’s no point in talking with someone like you. You will simply live in your little fantasy world until the day you die. I almost feel sorry for you.

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