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Pastor John and Kirk: Serious or Satire?

Posted by ALmod on February 13, 2006

If you’ve been reading the comments on this blog and others, you’ve probably become familiar with Pastor John. Until recently, I’d never heard of the guy. Apparently, though, he’s been around for a while.

When reading his blog, you’ll see some of the most paranoid, bigoted rants that you could imagine. But the question remains: is he serious, sick, or satire? I came across a post on the Daily Kos that posed this very question. Apparently, the guy is serious, but who can tell for sure? (Personally, I think that he’s a troll and should be treated as such, but then I’m only human and fallible as such.)

I also recently had a comment posted from a guy named “Kirk.” Upon inspection of his blog, it appears to be more of the same.

Either way, I’ve chosen to ignore them from here on out. But I’d like some feedback from my readers. What do you all think?


15 Responses to “Pastor John and Kirk: Serious or Satire?”

  1. Kirk said

    Smear me all you want, anybody that reads my blog knows that you are full of it.

  2. Joe Zombie said

    How dare you troll on Kirks site. Kirk is a righteous man.

  3. joe said

    Moderate? Liberals who live in red states describe themselves as moderate conservatives. You’re either left or right. If you were truly right you’d say it proudly. If not, turn left and run with it.

  4. The Alabama Moderate said

    Now I KNOW that neither of you are serious. Nobody could be that stupid.

  5. Staunch Moderate said

    Yeah, I also had trouble figuring out whether Pastor John was satire or insane. But I figure that either he’s trying to be funny and is failing miserably, or he’s trying to be serious and is failing miserably.

    Either way, he can be safely ignored.

    P.S. My, what lovely trolls you have 🙂

  6. Arlen Crawford said

    Hey there Ms. Moderate. I do not really know what to think but here are two thoughts: if they are serious, how dreadfully frightening and if they are not serious, what a waste of time and space. I agree totally with you.

  7. The Alabama Moderate said

    LOL, SM! Perhaps you could recommend a suitable bug spray…

  8. crazy johns neighbor said

    I’m afraid Pastor John is serious. I have a video of him driving up to his house, where his many fans are awaiting him. They even ask for his autograph. The sound is low so turn your speakers up a bit.

  9. Pastor John said

    i’m not afraid of any of you. i’m wearing goretex.

  10. Anonymous said

    Even the liberals at Crooks and Liars don’t appreciate the humor in Pastor Johns Neighbors video. If your sense of humor is as dead as theirs, then I guess that’s why you call yourself moderate.
    Stop breathing my oxygen

  11. Big Dog said

    Pastor John just needs some medication (ASAP).

  12. Pastor John said

    who sent you? the frogeaters?

  13. Altoid said

    Probably A Good Idea.

  14. The Alabama Moderate said

    My cousin had sent me a link to that video a few months back. Funny stuff.

  15. Anti-rightard said

    Kirk, you’re a fucking idiot. Go back to cooking up your crystal meth and OD you stupid shitstain.

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