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Giving It Up for Lent

Posted by ALmod on March 1, 2006

I’ve decided to give up fast food for Lent. That means no Milo’s (NO MILO’S!!!), no Taco Bell, no Pizza Hut… It should be a good experience in that I’ll be eating better food and saving money. We’ll see how it goes. Chances are, you’ll be hearing more angry rants as opposed to political and news commentary here on The Alabama Moderate. Just try to remember that it will all be over after Easter.

5 Responses to “Giving It Up for Lent”

  1. Arlen Crawford said

    I could handle giving up Taco Bell, but giving uo Krystal and Hardees…well, good thing I’m Baptist (to my knowledge, they’ve NEVER sacrificed for Lent…)

  2. Don said

    Hey Jen, don’t neglect politics and state government. They provide enough fodder to feed a stable of horses if you wanna’ rant. Say, have you received any responses to the list of questions you said you would ask or political clowns?

  3. The Alabama Moderate said

    Actually, I haven’t, but I’m still working on it. In fact, I’m actually working on a new post as we speak regarding the email update I received from you yesterday…

  4. The Truffle said

    I actually have not eaten a bite of fast food in years. And I don’t miss it. There are several reasons why I don’t eat fast food anymore:

    1. “Fast food” is often an oxymoron.

    2. The quality of the food can vary. If you’re really unlucky, you’ll find yourself in a branch of McDonald’s where they stuff six French fries in a small bag and serve hamburgers that look like hockey pucks.

    3. I live in a city surrounded by ethnic restaurants. Indian! Mexican! Sushi sushi sushi! The weird thing is that the city’s been overrun by Starbucks and Barnes and Noble but not by Pizza Hut, Burger King, or the like.

    So don’t worry about going without fast food! 🙂

  5. The Alabama Moderate said

    LOL! Thankfully, we have a very good Japanese steak and sushi bar that has kept me occupied, but I’m going to try to stick with home cooking. Of course, I can’t have raw sushi right now, anyway, but I can definitely go for the California rolls that come with their Bento box lunches.

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