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It’s called an "ashtray"

Posted by ALmod on March 23, 2006

If you smoke, learn to use one.

This is why I have such a beef with smokers at times. I have no problems with the act itself. They are, after all, your lungs. I have a problem with the fact that 99% of the smokers I know are also some of the most inconsiderate people I know. These are otherwise very polite and wonderful people to hang out with, but they also have some really bad qualities that unfortunately revolve around their habit:

  1. They “require” extra breaks at work. Those of us who choose to take better care of ourselves are forced to take up the slack in a lot of situations.
  2. They really don’t care who else has to breath the smoke from their cigarettes. The general attitude is that others are free to come and go as they please. Well, not exactly. If the situation were reversed, the smoker would be free to come and go and choose to light up elsewhere. I can’t choose not to breathe, so my only alternative is to not be there. As for smoking sections, I’ve yet to see smoke pay any attention to a sign that says it can’t go past that point.
  3. They litter. A lot. That’s probably the reason behind the incident cited above. Someone just flicked a butt to whatever spot was convenient. I get to watch every day as someone empties his ashtray out of the car window or throws a butt onto the side of the road. How is that okay, exactly? Most vehicles come equipped with an ashtray, and most areas have a designated garbage receptacle. I don’t throw my used tampons out of my car window. Do you guys think you could possibly consider proper disposal of your refuse as well?

Now please note that this doesn’t include all smokers. I happen to know of a few (a very select few) who don’t fit the above description at all and are very happy smokers and very considerate people.


4 Responses to “It’s called an "ashtray"”

  1. Don said

    Dang!!! Just the mental vision of seeing gals flinging used tampons out of their windows while exceeding the speed limit on streets or interstates, while also holding their cell phone in the other hand, when not farding (that was not a typo – look it up}at the same time, is more than enough to cause me to stay safely at home doing my thingies.

  2. p.f. johnson said

    Maybe there’s something in the genetic code that’s tripped when you have either a cellphone or a cigarette in your hand. I have done all the things you mentioned as a past smoker, but I’m incredibly polite, considerate, and non-littering in all other cases. A recessive inconsideracy gene?

    Anyway, I enjoy your blog and am linking to it from mine. Always happy to read another moderate’s point of view — there seem to be precious few of us these days willing to speak up!


  3. The Alabama Moderate said

    Thanks, dude!

    I’ve been strapped for spare time, lately, but I’ll sure check you out once I have time. Until then, I’ve added you to my blogroll so that I don’t forget. (Shrunken pregnancy brain syndrome…)

  4. The Truffle said

    And, of course, they’re the ones who complain about smoker’s rights. What rights? Whether you smoke is your business but you do NOT have the right to expose other citizens to secondhand smoke.

    Sorry, but I loathe smoking.

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