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Quote of the Day

Posted by ALmod on May 1, 2006

“He believes the same thing Wednesday that he believed on Monday, no matter what happened Tuesday.” –Stephen Colbert referring to President George W. Bush while speaking at the Correspondents Dinner Saturday night


4 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Don said

    I appreciate humor to such an extent that I make feeble stabs at using it when posting comments on blogs, but since I watch very little TV and confine most of that to news and weather, I had never heard of Colbert. When I learned that this dinner was live on C-SPAN I tuned in because these affairs are like roasts and usually humorous. While Colbert was on I watched until I fell asleep, either from exhaustion or boredom. During the time I watched laughter from the attendees was noticeably lacking, and Colbert appeared to be skipping through his script in an attempt to find something that someone would laugh at. While he made some biting points about how Bush has been performing, if his intent was, as he has been quoted as saying (Was he trying to make a point politically or just get laughs? “Just for laughs,” he said.), in my opinion his performance was a flop.
    On the other hand, the act the self-deprecating Bush and his impersonator put on was humorous, as evidenced by the laughter of the crowd.

  2. The Alabama Moderate said

    Colbert is a “fake pundit” on Comedy Central. He started out on The Daily Show and on Saturday Night Live (doing voiceovers on certain Robert Smigel cartoons). He then was given his own show, which is a stab at The O’Reilly Factor. Colbert’s character is a overly cocky, yet underinformed, uber right-winger.

    For example, last night’s Colbert Report included a quote that was similar to the following (during an interview):

    “I’m totally in support of all kinds of religions– Muslims, Jews, Buddhists. There are many paths to accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.”

    He was basically in that same character during the dinner. I don’t know if maybe whoever scheduled him had ever seen the show or not, but I’m surprised if they expected him to do any different than his usual gag. Considering the crowd that was included at the dinner, I’m not surprised that he bombed.

  3. Don said

    If the dinner was a press affair, most of which seems to be anti-Bush, why would Colbert, making fun of and even ridiculing Bush at times, bomb with such a crowd, unless his act stunk?

  4. The Alabama Moderate said

    That’s just it. It wasn’t an anti-Bush affair. It was an event in which he was supposed to poke fun at himself, yes, but there’s only so far that I think he (and his crowd) was willing to take it. Those who normally would watch Colbert’s show would know that this is just the same characature that he’s always doing, and they’d get the humor. I thought it was hillarious, but then I knew what to expect. Obviously, whoever asked Colbert to speak at the dinner had never seen his act, and those attending weren’t familiar with his routine. What made it blatently obvious was that the guy announcing him badly mispronounced his name. (The “t” is silent, and his name should be pronounced cole-BARE.) It’s kind of like expecting Bob Hope and getting Sam Kinneson (sp?) instead.

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