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Loretta Nall Gets to Debate

Posted by ALmod on August 30, 2006

You may have heard by now, and I know that Dan is reporting it on Between the Links, Loretta Nall will be appearing on the Russ and Dee Show after the debate on October 30.

Ms. Nall, the Libertarian write-in candidate for governor, was snubbed by the sponsors of the October 30 debate and will not get to formally participate with Lucy Baxley and Bob Riley, so Russ and Dee have given her a forum to respond to questions and issues from the debate.

I believe that she will make her appearance on the show on the following day, which is Tuesday, October 31. Keep watching Loretta’s blog and the Russ and Dee website for details.


11 Responses to “Loretta Nall Gets to Debate”

  1. Dan said

    I’m very happy with Russ and Dee for this, even though I still can’t listen to them for more than 10 minutes until I start screaming.

  2. Altoid said

    I am not an avid listener of Russ & Dee, but I am glad that they are letting Mrs. Nall speak. I am sure the exchange will be most informative.

  3. Don said

    On Ms. Nall has this to say about the debates the night before her Russ and Dee appearance:
    “Oct. 30, 2006 – Alabama Gubernatorial Debates in Montgomery. I have been completely excluded from participation so I will be setting up my laptop and video camera in the parking lot and answering the questions in Real Time over the internet. Thanks to modern technology it will really be impossible to exclude me completely.”

    I assume her answers will appear on the blogspot this was copied from.

  4. Loretta Nall said

    Yes my answers will appear on my blog as well as stream live over the internet barring any technical difficulties.

    I am looking forward to the Russ & Dee show.

  5. Anonymous said

    If she’s not on the ballot, why does she think she should be part of the debate? Get on the ballot if you want to be part of the debate. Seems reasonable. If you’re not on the ballot, you have no chance of winning.

  6. The Alabama Moderate said

    Wow! I had no idea that Twinkle Cavenaugh was one of my readers!

    Seriously though, Ms. Nall would have been on the ballot had it not been for the Republican and Democratic parties doing all they could to keep third party candidates off of Alabama ballots. However, her lack of ballot space hardly makes her less of a candidate for governor. She’s running a write-in campaign, and the most effective one that I’ve seen thus far.

    As someone else (I believe it was Don) put it, if there were several alternate candidates, we could understand not including her in the debate. But she seems to be the only other candidate running a real campaign.

    The Democrats and Republicans have had control for far too long, and they’re seriously threatened by any real competition. That’s the REAL reason they don’t want Loretta in the debate. They’re scared out of their minds that people might actually vote for her. Perhaps if they were to push for a fair fight, I’d believe otherwise. Right now, all I see is a bunch of cowards, which only makes me think that they might have a genuine reason for it.

  7. Don said

    I sent the following letter to the 4 debate sponsors (Barbara W. Larson, Executive Director, Leadership Alabama;James W. Williams Jr., Executive Director, PARCA;Allan Pizzato, Executive Director, Alabama Public Television;
    Felicia Mason, Executive Director, Alabama Press Association) and it was also published in the Montgomery Advertiser @

    I would suggest that everyone who would like to have had Ms. Nall included in the debates also voice their opinion to the sponsors and also through letters to editors.

    The letter reads as follows: As an Alabama voter, and one who has been actively involved in an effort to find a way to improve our state government for over two years, I wish to register my displeasure at the exclusion of a candidate for the office of governor of Alabama from the debates scheduled to take place on Oct. 30.

    True, Loretta Nall is not on the ballot due to Alabama’s overly restrictive ballot access law (which should be included as one of the topics for debate) but she is actively campaigning as the nominee of the Alabama Libertarian Party, albeit as a write-in candidate.

    If a half-dozen minor party or non-party individuals were candidates, it might be unwieldy to include all of them in the debate, but she is the only announced and campaigning candidate other than those of the two major parties, and I believe it is an affront to her and to all Alabamians to not include her so as to allow the public to hear her views on the issues facing us.

  8. slapout wayne said

    Well heck, then. I should be part of the debate, too. Y’see, I’m declaring myself — “slapout wayne” — a candidate for Governor of Alabama.

    BTW, the Republicans and Democrats did not keep her from getting on the ballot. She failed to collect enough signatures to get on. Shows most folks don’t care for her to be a real candidate.

  9. The Alabama Moderate said

    Wayne, I don’t like sock puppets, but I’m going to respond, anyway.

    Oh, but the Dems and Reeps ARE responsible for this. Who do you think wrote and passed these ballot access laws? And without the money and time that our two main parties have to campaign, how on earth would most people know that Ms. Nall even exists, much less is running, and petition for her? And though she didn’t gather enough signatures, she came darn close on not much more than an Internet campaign. Talk to some folks and mention her name. How many of them have even heard of her? Outside the blogosphere, you won’t find many.

    I suspect that their lust for power is the main reasons why these two parties don’t want to pass I&R in Alabama. Apparently, the pesants are good enough to elect them but not good enough to suggest legislation. (That job is left to corporations and other special interests. In fact, I think it’s appropriate to note that our lender laws were written by owners of payday lending companies.)

    Ballot access laws do serve some purpose in that it keeps the number of candidates down to a minimum and the ballot less confusing. But to have the restrictions we do (which are more strict than most other states) is specifically designed to keep third party candidates off the ballot. Since she is the Libertarian candidate for governor, and she is the only third party candidate actively campaigning, I would hardly equate her with just any old Joe who decides to become a candidate on a whim.

    But whose rights do you think are being more restricted? Her right to participate in as much of the campaign as possible? Or your right to vote against her?

    Apparently, supporters of these insane ballot access restrictions believe that voters, including Mr. Wayne, are too stupid to make such decisions on their own. I hope you aren’t in agreement with them. Then again, Larry Darby did get an aweful lot of votes in the Dem primaries.

  10. The Alabama Moderate said

    By the way, Mr. Wayne, I’ve considered deleting your comment. I figured that since you didn’t have an identity in the blogspot system, you shouldn’t be allowed to speak your side of any issue.

    Sucks, doesn’t it? But it proves a point.

    Just because someone doesn’t meet the requirements to be on the ballot doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t be allowed to speak on her platform when she’s running an active write-in campaign.

  11. Don said

    Well said, AM. But I wouldn’t delete crazy comments if it were up to me beacuse they remind everyone that we have crazy (though not legally declared so)people that are free to vote and screw up the process to the point that we are now saddled by a sick state government that probably only I&R can cure.

    I would add to your “But whose rights do you think are more restricted?” that the rights of sane voters are restricted by not being allowed to hear the views on issues that bona-fide minor party candidates may have.

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