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Tidbits From Elsewhere

Posted by ALmod on September 8, 2006

Just a sign that I’m behind, most of the other bloggers have already covered stuff that I’ve bookmarked in my browser to remind myself to cover later. Hopefully, they’ll forgive my lack of originality. I’m just going to touch on a few things, here, instead of providing a full post for each.

Artur Davis says that politicians should focus on issues instead of attacks. I happen to agree with him.

Doc and Dan have both covered the Republican loyalty oath that everyone was talking about a few months back. What at first seemed harmless now seems to raise a few concerns. As Dan pointed out, the loyalty oath only covers voting with Republicans on leadership positions and operating rules of the legislative body. But as Doc pointed out, Rep. Todd Greeson has received a warning letter about not voting with Republicans against a BIR. While a BIR can technically be considered a procedural vote, voting against it will kill a bill. (Those of us following the I&R issue are well aware of that.) This brings up concerns over Republicans voting with party interests, rather than constituent interests, to kill legislation. That doesn’t look harmless to me.

A big tip o’ the hat to Between the Links, which has posted a link to Lucy Baxley’s answers to a Project Vote Smart survey. A big kudos to Lucy for answering the questions when Governor Riley has not. Our Libertarian candidate should probably look at answering the questions as well.

Meanwhile, the Gun Toting Liberal has touched on the ABC 9/11 movie, which has turned events leading up to the terrorist attacks into a work of fiction in an attempt to blame everything on the Clinton Administration. I would hope that Republicans will yell just as loudly about this movie as they did about the Reagan movie that would have aired on the CBS network, but I doubt it. One particular scene that never happened shows CIA agents about to take down Osama bin Laden but deciding not to after they can not get authorization to do so. (Seems like I’ve heard that before somewhere.) You can read about the Democrats’ reactions here and here.

Finally, Outraged Moderates have suggested replacing Donald Rumsfeld with Lindsey Graham. Not a bad suggestion.


5 Responses to “Tidbits From Elsewhere”

  1. Dan said

    I’m not sure if Project Vote Smart would linclude Lucy Baxley, but I think they would. They may require ballot access, but she should send them an email about it.

  2. Don said

    First, I think Dan must have meant Loretta Nall instead of Lucy Baxley.

    For those who don’t know what a BIR (Budget Isolation Resolution) vote is, it’s a vote to authorize voting on a bill before the budgets have been passed first as is required by the rules of procedure because budgets are supposed to be the first order of the day. BIR is a method of skirting that rule in order to get some legislation passed and out of the way to avoid having them killed simply by having to wait until the budgets are passed, usually in the last hours of the session.

    Regarding votes on a BIR: I may be wrong on this, but it may be theoretically possible to vote on a bill even after a losing BIR vote by bringing it back to the floor after the Budgets have been passed.

    As to the BIR vote on the I&R bill, the vote was sufficient to pass the BIR hurdle, and Representative Ball could have proceeded and asked for a vote on HB 325, but he chose to just withdraw it rather than have it lose on the final vote, and he knew that it would.

  3. Dan said

    Yeah — meant Loretta Nall… that was wierd.

  4. Loretta Nall said

    I just got a chance to look at NPAT this morning and I am sending my answers in today. I will post them on my blog when done.

  5. The Alabama Moderate said

    Thanks, Loretta! I knew we could count on you!

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