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Tidbits From Elsewhere – 9/25/06

Posted by ALmod on September 25, 2006

Everyone is talking about Fox News and their interview with President Clinton. Here is a link to Left of Centrist, who won out because he posted video footage from It was interesting, but I hate that Clinton didn’t get to talk much about his global initiative, which I believe is providing more solutions than the freak show at the UN, these days. I’m guessing that Clinton, like me, is tired of him being the president. At some point, President Bush is going to have to step up and take responsibility for his own presidency, instead of invoking everyone else’s. So far, he’s blamed everyone from Lincoln to FDR to Kennedy to Washington to Clinton, and while I’m not in approval of their actions either, I’m no longer concerned with them. I’m concerned with Bush because Bush is the guy who is calling the shots, now. In the words of my mom, “If everyone else jumped off a cliff, would you?”

Scott Stantis had a particularly good Prickly City cartoon this morning. I enjoyed it, and I’ve posted a link.


5 Responses to “Tidbits From Elsewhere – 9/25/06”

  1. Dan said

    I normally don’t like Clinton a whole lot, but by comparison he looks like the greatest President ever. I saw the interview on YouTube and thought it was fantastic.

  2. The Alabama Moderate said

    You have a point, Dan. I didn’t like Clinton much, when he was president. The right-wingers keep invoking him to make Bush look better by comparison, but it’s actually had the opposite effect on me. As a result of their constant attacks on Bill Clinton, I’ve actually started to like him MORE. Had they left him out of it as the footnote he probably deserves to be, I’d have probably kept my former opinion of him.

  3. Danny said

    Many people don’t realize that Clinton left office with a higher public approval rating than Reagan had when Reagan left office.

  4. Dan said

    danny, I think it had a lot to do with the fact that Clinton was the first President I really paid attention to due. I grew up with Clinton in a Republican household. Every time he made a mistake (and everyone does), I thought it was horrible.

    But if we’re talking in degrees, Clinton is a saint. I actually did know that about Clinton’s approval, though. He also maintained above 50% during the Monica thing.

    I would like to add as a footnote, though, that I never bought into the whole Monica scandal thing. I thought it was stupid even as a kid raised in a religio-fascist community (except my dad). I thought he shouldn’t have lied under oath (and perhaps should have been impeached), but I thought it was more scandalous that he was investigated at all.

  5. Anonymous said

    What has Bush blamed on Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy and Washington?

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