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Tidbits From Elsewhere – 11/1/06

Posted by ALmod on November 1, 2006

Slashdot is running an interesting bit on how to sue spammers and auto-dialers.

Lee P and Altoid are both covering a somewhat humorous story about Sen. Jeff Sessions and some condoms. Puns are a-flyin’! They’ll bring you to your knees– with laughter…

Alabama Improper is talking about holidays.

Gun Toting Liberal and many others are talking about Kerry’s speech. You know the one.

And Loretta Nall has posted her responses to the questions asked at the recent debate. I have to admit that I’m impressed.


2 Responses to “Tidbits From Elsewhere – 11/1/06”

  1. Don said

    (With my tongue planted firmly in my cheek) I say this is just one more example of government waste. Why buy condoms when aspirins are cheaper, safer, and more effective? They present no danger of bursting thus creating unwanted pregnancies and possibly the transmission of disease. All that is required is that females hold one tiny aspirin firmly between their knees. You might call that “Aspernence”.

  2. Gun-Toting Liberal said

    Loretta Nall is The Goddess!!! In all seriousness, I wish to HELL she would be elected to the Gub’nership of Abalamba. I agree with so much of her poly-tix with the sole exception of illegal immigrants. Riley’s done a fine job for a neocon, and I’d have voted for him if Ms. Nall wasn’t in the race.

    Thanks again so much for the link, my friend. We miss ya over THERE ->>> But we understand, of course 😉

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