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Those Annoying Robocalls

Posted by ALmod on November 17, 2006

You may have heard about the latest nasty campaign tactic just before election day. In case you didn’t, I will fill you in.

In some districts, voters received call after call after call from machines in the week before elections. The call would say something like, “Please stay on the line for important information about Joe Democrat,” followed by a pause. In most circumstances, the voter would slam down the phone at this point. This would happen several times a day with the same call. People would complain to the campaign offices of Joe Democrat only to find that they weren’t making the calls.

These calls were paid for by the NRCC.

Here’s how the call works: The machine calls the voter and begins by stating the name of your opponent. If the voter stays on the line, they hear a scathing attack ad about that candidate. If they slam down the phone after the first sentence, as most people would, they get called back up to 18 times until they hear the entire call. The intention is to make the voter think that the call is coming from your opponent’s campaign, and to make them so mad about the phone harassment that they will not vote for that candidate. And the more you call, the less likely they are to stay on the line to hear the full message and find out who is really paying for the call.

Now if I’m not mistaken, FCC regulations require that the name of the candidate or other entity who is paying for the ad must be stated at the beginning of the call. But the damage is done by the time FCC investigations begin.


One Response to “Those Annoying Robocalls”

  1. Gun-Toting Liberal said

    It serves the GOP right to lose their BUTTS for employing tactics like these. Good RIDDANCE to them!

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