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More on the Argo/Springville Meeting

Posted by ALmod on February 15, 2007

I just got back from the meeting. I actually had to leave a little early, but by the time I left, a lot of the questions were getting to be repetitive. It was nice to see Gordon Massey and several members of Argo’s other founding families.

Before I address any of the issues brought up during the meeting (all predictable with predictable answers), I want to point out some things that caught my eye. Actually, they caught my ear more than my eye, since I was shoved into a back hallway. The place was packed. I have a suggestion for the next meeting that it be held in a church or something. It was standing room only. I do want to say that I was very impressed with the way that the meeting was generally run. The city council and mayor displayed order and organization and cooperation in a way I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any city leadership do it. Birmingham’s city leaders could take notes, but then, that’s not saying much. The meeting was run with strict attention to time limits and staying on topic. I can’t be sure, but I may have been drooling.

The problem with meetings like this is that only people with strong opinions voice them. There are two very clear sides on this issue, and it’s split right down the middle. One extreme is represented by the new residents who want Argo to be part of the next Hoover or Trussville. Their only concern is for property value, and to hell with the people who are already living there and want to stay there for the peace and quiet away from cities like Hoover and Trussville. The other extreme wants everything to be exactly the way it always was and to hell with people who want little luxuries like paved roads and police officers. Then there is the underrepresented middle, which just wants to live in an area that can function and maybe even progress a little. Guess which group I’m in.

There were a few main questions that kept popping up at the meeting that I wanted to address, in case anyone is interested.

  1. It’s all or nothing. Springville will not pick and choose which parts of Argo it wants.
  2. The choice to merge (not dissolve) is left solely up to the people of Argo. We are not being invaded by Springville, Trussville, Odenville, or Margaret.
  3. If you currently own a trailer, horse, or whatever, you are not going to be forced to sell it or otherwise get rid of it. Any zoning rules will apply to future situations only.
  4. Since Springville will be taking on a great deal of new property, they will need to reconfigure their fire and police departments. It’s likely that they’ll need some new heads, and they’ll probably attempt to integrate Argo’s existing responders.

If you do happen to be interested,and your question wasn’t answered in the above, let me know. Chances are, I heard it and I didn’t include it.


2 Responses to “More on the Argo/Springville Meeting”

  1. Don said

    This is off topic, but I wonder if anyone else has had problems getting emails delivered to you using your new address. I’m asking here in case the one I just sent using your old address isn’t delivered either.

  2. The Alabama Moderate said

    I sent you an email response. My old account was cancelled by my husband before I expected it. My new email address is almoderate AT windstream DOT net. The other email you sent was sent to the older address at

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