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Archive for March, 2007

M.C. Rove

Posted by ALmod on March 30, 2007

My dad just had heart surgery, so I’m taking a short break.  I should be back on Monday.  In the meantime, enjoy…


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Tidbits From Elsewhere: 3/27/07

Posted by ALmod on March 27, 2007

It’s a slow news day, again.  How slow?  The top story seems to be Anna Nicole Smith’s cause of death, and that was yesterday’s news.  So we’ll just see what everyone else is up to.

Fox News:  Tony Snow has cancer again.

Alabama Improper:  There’s a SNL sketch with Peyton Manning that you just have to see.  Thanks to Jeff Vreeland for putting that up for us.

Alablawg:  I was planning on commenting on the Ken Guin situation, but Wheeler says it so much better than I ever could.

Between the Links:  Dan has posted a rather interesting Troy King ad.

Birmingham News:  It’s harder to get some types of cold medicine.  No kidding.  I’ve resorted to calling my doctor for a prescription for a pseudophedrine/guiphenesine combo.  It’s just easier (and sometimes cheaper) that way, since my health insurance covers it.  I can pay $11 for a week’s worth of meds or $7 for a month’s worth of meds and not have to search for a brand that has changed its formula.  At least, it’s a lot easier than Stephen Colbert’s suggestion, in which he buys meth from a dealer and then reverse engineers it into Sudafed (and then cleans his kitchen for 72 hours).

Birmingham News:  We’ve all seen the Peep torture websites.  The Birmingham News had an article Sunday (funnier with the pictures) where they did their own experiments.  It has me wondering if anyone actually eats Peeps.  The idea of a Peeps smores sounds good, though.  Well, not everyone has a sense of humor.  (Scroll down the page.)  Lighten up, lady.  It’s just good ol’ fashioned playing with your food, not advocating torture.  We (or apparently some) eat these things, too.  That doesn’t mean that we’re advocating cannibalism.

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Slow News Day: 3/26/07

Posted by ALmod on March 26, 2007

Let’s turn back the clock to January, shall we?

Ladies and Gents, this is what happens when you tick off the interns.

I needed that.

UPDATE: The clip from before doesn’t allow embedding, so here’s the link to it on YouTube. I will instead place Wierd Al up here for a laugh.

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Impeachment Talks Again

Posted by ALmod on March 26, 2007

It’s not going to happen.  President Bush has all but begged Congress for impeachment proceedings.  Some Republicans are pretty much calling for it.  Well, some Dems are calling for it, too.  But I can give you in two words why it will never happen:

President Cheney.

George W. Bush has pretty much done all the damage he’s going to do.  With Congress slowly and steadily tightening the reins, he’s very quickly becoming a lame duck.  Why mess with that one?  An impeachment at this point would only waste congressional time and distract from doing any real work and further divide the country.  He’s just not worth it, folks.  With a Democratic majority in both houses, not all Dem legislation will pass, but you can be very sure that the President is no longer going to get any more of his own agenda pushed through.  Not without a fight.  So really, all Congress has to do is sit back, ignore the tantrums, and wait until January 2009.

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More on the Pay Raise

Posted by ALmod on March 25, 2007

I did get a chance to speak to Jim McClendon earlier today.  While I still don’t agree with him entirely, and I’m not greatly supportive of his vote to override the governor’s veto, I can understand a little better as to where he’s coming from and why he voted the way he did.  It’s a little hard to explain (and defend, for that matter) in writing, but I say that at least he appears to be upfront about why he did what he did.  The thing that stuck out to me was that he seemed to feel that it would be hypocritical to vote “no” on it when he would take the money if the measure passed anyway (which it would have).  I explained that it was not that the raised was passed but rather how the raise was passed that angered so many of us.

We actually had a fairly decent conversation, and I directed him to this blog and Between the Links, where Rep. Ball is contributing these days along with yours truly. I offered him the chance to contribute here, but he declined.  I’m leaving the offer on the table, and he knows how to contact me if he changes his mind.  What better source for information on a bill, after all, than from the person who is sponsoring it?

One thing that he mentioned and I wanted to mention here is regarding contacting your legislator about a particular bill.  I know that many of my readers have a tendency to write their legislators about various bills.  Just in case you’re anything like me and only reference bill numbers, make sure that you also include a description of the bill when writing your legislator.  I think I understand now as to why it took so long for McClendon to respond to one of my emails, which included my input on at least 20 different bills.

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Posted by ALmod on March 25, 2007 has posted a new article.  You can click the title below to read it.

White House Spins Iraqi Polling 

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Taking a Break

Posted by ALmod on March 24, 2007

…from the baby, that is.  If anyone is wondering where I’ve been (and will be) this weekend, I do have an explaination.

Isabella woke up last night vomiting about every 30 minutes.  Turns out, there’s a nasty little bug going around.  She wouldn’t even hold down Pedialyte.  So Adam and I edured an entire night’s worth of non-stop vomit.

The bug was a blessing in diguise, though.  I was scared she might dehydrate, so I took her to the doctor this morning.  There was nothing he could do about the stomach bug, but he happened to check her ears during her examination.  She’d had an ear infection (her first) for the past two days in one ear and was about to develop another in her other ear.  She’d given me no indication other than a tug on her ear.  The problem is, she always tugs on her ears.  It’s something she apparently finds comforting.  She wasn’t even running a fever.  Had she not gotten sick, I’d have never caught the ear infection unless her eardrum had ruptured– not good.

We’re good now, though.  She’s able to hold down clear liquids and starchy foods (what little she eats).  We’re just all exhausted and cranky.  Hopefully, that will change after the weekend (and the worst) is over.  In the meantime, posting and reading is going to be kept to a minimum while we all rest up.

Oh, and she’s walking now, too!

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Kill all the lawyers!

Posted by ALmod on March 22, 2007

…or they might kill you first.

I just hope that the fired USAs don’t get any ideas.

This is actually a group of lawyers in Pakistan who decided to riot (including the obligatory rock throwing) after President Pervez Musharraf suspended Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry for misconduct. This is my favorite bit from the article.

“We condemn the police brutality against unarmed lawyers. This will not deter us and we will continue our protest against Musharraf’s illegal action,” Dhoon said.

Unarmed?! They were hurling rocks at police and passers by! Yes, the police were brutal, but calling the lawyers “unarmed” is like calling George W. Bush a “linguist.”

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Mysterious Creator of Ad Outed

Posted by ALmod on March 22, 2007

Have you seen this ad?

I don’t know many people who haven’t seen it, and up until now, nobody knew who was behind it.

Well, now you know.

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Another Legislative Post

Posted by ALmod on March 22, 2007

Rep. Patricia Todd has been posting over at Birmingham Blues. Go check it out.

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