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Slow News Day: The Mommy Chronicles

Posted by ALmod on March 6, 2007

I really haven’t had much to address lately, and I missed the town hall meeting from last night, so I’ve decided to occasionally post a peek into my daily life so that I can at least keep my blog up to date. It’s probably just going to bore you to death, but I find the occasional amusement in looking back on my day.

This is from yesterday.

7:00 a.m. – I wake up as Adam kisses me good-bye as he leaves for work. I love my husband. Isabella is usually up by now or soon after. I get out of bed and eat breakfast– my usual two egg whites and bowl of oatmeal with blueberries on top and a side of vitamins. I think about making some coffee but don’t. I sit down to read what’s left of yesterday’s newspaper and wait for Isabella to wake up.

8:00 a.m. – Seems my “little stinker” is sleeping in this morning. Time for a wake-up call. Turns out she was awake but playing quietly in her crib. I get her out of bed, change her diaper, and give her breakfast– oatmeal with apples and juice. This is followed by our usual hour of morning cartoons in the exersaucer while Mommy checks email, reads news, and blogs.

9:00 a.m. – I get a shower and get ready while Isabella finishes watching the Backyardigans.

9:45 a.m. – Snack time! A cup filled with formula for Isabella and tuna salad with crackers for me.

10:00 a.m. – I found out that the electronic signature on our federal income tax return was incorrect, so I head on over to my in-laws’ house to change it and resubmit. I pillage a diet soda then call my mother-in-law and my husband to let them know I’d made the corrections. Rule #1: Don’t mess with the IRS.

11:00 a.m. – We get back to the house and play in the floor for a little while. Isabella starts to get hungry a little early, so I give her lunch– green beans and cheddar cubes. Green beans are usually her favorite, but she may be getting tired of them. She’s started weeding out the cheddar cubes and plunking the green beans on the floor, much to the dog’s delight. I give her a little more formula in her cup when she’s done to make up for the missed green beans. I can tell she’s getting sleepy.

12:15 p.m. – NAP TIME!!! Isabella is out before the second song on her CD player comes on. Time for Mommy to have some free time with the PS2! I check my email first.

1:15 p.m. – Lunch for me– chicken and potatoes with salad. I do a quick check of my email and go back to my game.

1:50 p.m. – I hear Isabella chattering in her room and realize that my break time is over. It’s worth it when I open the door to find her jumping on the bed and grinning at me. We go outside to check the mailbox. I get the bills; Isabella gets the junk mail. I let her play in the floor while I fold some laundry.

3:00 p.m. – Afternoon snack time! Isabella smacks down some yogurt. I have another piece of chicken and some grapefruit. More playtime follows.

3:41 p.m. – Isabella’s sick of anything involving physical activity. It’s time for “The Backyardigans“. I quietly sing the praises of the Noggin channel and update the family budget.

4:30 p.m. – Isabella is still not quite ready for her usual afternoon nap, opting instead to relax in her exersaucer. I’m wondering if she’ll take another nap. It seems like her morning nap is getting later and later, and I’m wondering if she’s ready to ditch another nap and move to one a day after lunch. She’s growing so fast! I give her some water to relax her and finish folding the laundry from earlier. Either way, I’m limiting exersaucer/television sessions to two one-hour sessions a day, so she’s getting out of the exersaucer one way or another within the next twenty minutes. Besides, I’m getting sick of hearing Uniqua say, “You GUYS!”

5:00 p.m. – It doesn’t look like another nap is going to happen, but at least I get to watch the news. Adam calls to tell me he’s on the way. I’m itching for pizza in the midst of our diet, so I tell him to stop by Pizza Hut on the way home.

6:00 p.m. – Dinner! Not only do Adam and I have pizza, but we also have CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! We’ll get back to the diet tomorrow. Isabella has a “cheeseburger” (turkey sausage patty with cheddar) and leftover green beans. Adam sneaks her a bite or two of his pizza while she plops a few green beans on the floor for the dog. I retreat to the living room early so I can watch Billy Bush talk about Britney Spears or something. I decide that I won’t hold the fact that he’s the president’s cousin against him. I silently wonder whether or not the president watches “Access Hollywood” or scorns his cousin for being a member of the “liberal media.”

7:30 p.m. – Bedtime for one baby girl. Adam gets her ready, and I fill up her cup with formula. Thirty minutes later, she’s out cold. We both kiss her goodnight, and Adam tucks her in.

8:00 p.m. – Grown-up time! Adam and I sit down to watch “The Class” and “Heroes” together. Unfortunately, NBC runs past the DVR timer for the latter, so we miss the last five minutes or so of the “Heroes” finale. I hate it when networks do that. Adam finds a later showing on Sci-Fi for Friday and sets a timer. Hopefully, NBC will have it online tomorrow, and I can watch it then.

10:00 p.m. – I tuck myself into bed so that I can wake up tomorrow and do it all over again!


3 Responses to “Slow News Day: The Mommy Chronicles”

  1. wheeler said

    “started weeding out the cheddar cubes and plunking the green beans on the floor, much to the dog’s delight.”

    i keep telling my dog, who has felt sort of neglected since the twins came along, that it won’t be long before they pay big dividends for her.

  2. The Alabama Moderate said

    Of course! And she’ll get DOUBLE the scraps! Just wait until solid foods start. You’ll be thankful for the dog, and the dog will be thankful for the twins. It’s win-win.

  3. Dan said

    Hey, Jenn… send me an email. Some of us are organizing a get-together, but all I have is your old wildblue email address.


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