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Terrorist? Me?

Posted by ALmod on May 11, 2007

I may be a terrorist, according to the Alabama Department of Homeland Security.

Pro Libertate has the scoop.

So what do they look for in a terrorist?  Anyone who believes in limited government, belongs to an anti-government group, or believes that the government has violated the principals of the U.S. Constitution.  Well, I fit into all three categories, and of course the closest I’d ever come to terrorism is lighting up a big ol’ bag of doggy poop, sticking it on the front steps of the White House, and ringing the doorbell.  (I’d probably get sacked by Secret Service just for following Barney around with a paper sack.)

First, I consider myself a libertarian.  Small “l”.  Some of the big “L” Libertarians are borderline anarchists.  But compared to the Republican Party, I’m a Conservative.  Big “C”.  Conservatives believe in small government.

Second, as a person who supports the annexation of the Town of Argo into Springville, I could be considered a member of an anti-government group.  I’m helping out a group who is fighting against our local government in court.

Third, about sixty-something-odd-percent of people in this country believe that the current administration has all but wiped their rear ends with the U.S. Constitution.  About 59% of the people in Alabama agree.

I’d find it hilarious, but people have been flagged for much less.


One Response to “Terrorist? Me?”

  1. Don said

    Pronounce me guilty as charged on all three counts, much the same as you confessed, Jen. The only difference being that I don’t have a dog in the annexation of Argo by Springville, but I am widely known as an advocate for changing the Alabama government
    into one that is of, by, and for the people by making Alabama the 25th Initiative and Referendum state so voters, if necessary, can initiate real reform and accountability legislation that would bypass both the legislature and the governor and be put on the ballot as a referendum for voters to accept or reject.
    Where do I pick up my prison garb?

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