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Bloggers, MSM, Lawyers, & Activists: Your Dreams Have Come True!

Posted by ALmod on May 16, 2007

The Town of Argo issued a press release to several local newspapers last night. It will probably pop up tomorrow morning. You’re going to love this.

Argo’s leadership states that it has no intention of scheduling a vote at this time and will in fact fight it all the way to the Alabama Supreme Court. Never has it been so obvious that a group of leaders are so opposed to the intentions of the people they serve. To boot, they’re using the town’s treasury to pay court fees and attorney fees to fight the townspeople, yet they state that scheduling a vote would be a waste of town resources.

This should anger people all across this state. No, this should anger anyone who believes in the democratic process and the principles on which this country was founded. That includes people all around this country and even outside this country. And it has. I’ve taken no less than 20 calls this morning. So many in fact that I was late in posting this. Jackson beat me to it. I’ve gotten calls from members of the press, local politicians, French Canadians, and Argo citizens who begged me to write about this. Some stated that they’d either been wavering in support or had been on the other side of the issue until the town leadership’s last two actions.

As Jackson pointed out, this could very well result in legal or ethics charges being brought against the town leaders. A few people are already in the process of contacting the district attorney’s office for an official opinion.

I hope Albert Jordan is enjoying this. I’ve heard it described by several people as a lawyer’s dream come true.

I sincerely hope that they do take this to the Alabama Supreme Court. They’re likely to make BIG news that way, and gain even more outrage from the public as a town leadership holding its citizens hostage. The ACLU loves this sort of thing. Maybe we’ll even be featured on The Daily Show.

I get the idea. Drag it out as long as possible and make some slight improvements so that there’s less to complain about. Trouble is, you’ve addressed a minor complaint that only concerned a few and replaced it with a major complaint that shakes up anyone who believes in a free democracy. Our forefathers and our modern day sons and daughters have fought and are fighting for the very rights that the town leadership seems to think are trivial. Somehow, I don’t believe that a public park and a zoning board are going to make up for that.

If you believe in the right of these people to vote but have been hanging out in the background thinking yourself safe, I urge you to start taking a more active role. You are not safe. If their rights are denied, yours will be next. You will be less free tomorrow than you are today. Speak out. Step up. You are not alone.

Specifically to the people of Argo, I want to say this. The petition was only out there for a week. It wasn’t heavily pushed, and it gained over 350 signatures from just those who made an effort to sign it. Even more people are out there who never got an opportunity to sign the petition and wanted to. I know you are scared, but you are not alone. If we all stand up together and quit hiding, it will be overwhelming. They won’t be able to ignore us. It won’t require you to spend any money or rearrange your busy schedule.

The annexation supporters are giving away t-shirts to support their cause. A donation is requested but not required. If you’ll email me, I can get you one. Wear it, and show your support. Better yet, wear it to a town council meeting or other public event. Stick a piece of duct tape over your mouth while you’re at it. Sport a pair of toy handcuffs (or even the fuzzy variety). You don’t need a permit. I’d even recommend using your wallet to demonstrate to local businesses that we mean business. There are plenty of diners, gas stations, contractors, and pizza joints outside of town without having to spend money toward destroying the democratic process. In fact, if a business displays or has their employees wear one of the t-shirts I’ve just mentioned, I’ll happily endorse them and send business their way. Just let me know.

UPDATE: Capstone Report links to this post in OUTRAGE:Town squelches public’s right to vote.

UPDATE: Birmingham Blues links to this post in Argo Leadership Goes To War With Its Citizens.

UPDATE: My string of posts about Argo have been submitted to the Alabama Bloggers Carnival.

UPDATE: The Birmingham News covers the press release in their article Argo wants petition for annexation reviewed.


8 Responses to “Bloggers, MSM, Lawyers, & Activists: Your Dreams Have Come True!”

  1. Capstone said

    Not shocking that these thugs would squelch the will of the people. These small towns along with water boards, fire boards, etc. tend to be the worst examples of governance I’ve ever had the misfortune of watching. Good luck with your quest…hopefully the newspapers (yeah, they are a joke) will eventually push this issue and put this debate into the terms of right vs. wrong.

  2. […] The Town of Argo, a suburb of Birmingham, has decided it would not comply with the will of the people and hold a vote on the dissolution of the town. This decision despite the fact that probate judge Wallace Wyatt certified the petition. […]

  3. c.a. Marks said

    I put your last round of Argo postings in the Alabama Bloggers Carnival. Did you catch it?

  4. […] Moderate reports that Argo’s leadership has issued a press release stating that it will not allow its […]

  5. ALmod said

    Ms. Marks, I have GOT to get over there to that carnival. I do want you to know that I plan to. I’m just doing good to keep my own blog updated at present.

  6. jkl said

    think about it this way there are just as many people who want to delay the voting because if we are annexed into springville we will have to ask permission even pay for permits to make improvements on our properties properties that we pay taxes on and i hate that what happened to freedom in the united states all you see is the right to vote being taken away i see my freedom to do what i want with my property that i pay for being taken away

  7. ALmod said

    jkl, I think you have your facts screwed up as to what exactly will happen if we go into Springville. No, you will not have to get a permit to make “home improvements.” What does require some oversight would be any new construction to make sure that it complies with building codes. The codes themselves are not unreasonable, either. They make sure that you have proper wiring and water lines, safe structures, and that you don’t go outside of your own property lines. They aren’t going to tell you that your tool shed has to be a certain color. You don’t have to get a permit to build a fence, though you should check to make sure that you aren’t going to be crossing over to your neighbor’s yard. It’s a city, not a homeowner’s association. You can still do whatever you want with your property.

    And I consider the right to vote a HECK of a lot more important than being “forced” into making sure that you’re building a structure that won’t be a danger to you or your family or anyone else. At least if you can vote, you can change the laws you have a problem with– incuding building and zoning laws.

  8. ALmod said

    By the way jkl, I don’t consider it to be even a little bit of a decent argument to state that EVERYONE should be denied their right to vote because you might not be happy with the outcome. What happened to freedom in this country, indeed. If you deny the right to vote now, what goes next? You WILL BE less free tomorrow than you are today. Think about that for a minute.

    I’m happy for you that you are willing to give up your own right to vote, but please don’t speak for the rest of us. What oh what will you give up next?

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