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Argo Serves Its Citizens

Posted by ALmod on May 18, 2007

With court papers.

About 360+ Argo citizens will be getting a big surprise when they check their mail today. They’ll find an envelope from Trussell & Funderburg, P.C. In it, they will find some very scary looking documents that show their names and the names of their neighbors who signed the deannexation petition. And these documents SHOULD be scary because they mean… pretty much nothing.

Well, I should say that they mean something. This is nothing more than a copy of their appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court to stop the election. It wasn’t sent to you because you must be served with court documents. It was sent to scare you. If you are served with court documents, it must be done in such a way that they can prove that you received them. Certified mail is one example. Often, it’s done in person with a witness.

Yet another scare tactic to keep the citizens in their place. And all this just the day before they celebrate their 20th Anniversary. How appropriate.

By the way, I’ll be happy to send a copy of the paperwork to anyone who wants it. Press included.

UPDATE:  Birmingham Blues links to this post with The Argo Saga Continues…


6 Responses to “Argo Serves Its Citizens”

  1. Kathy said

    Wow! I wonder how much the town leaders spent to copy, collate, and mail this info? They must be really desperate.

  2. Beth said

    I am just amazed on how silly this is. The town of Argo needs to become Springville for sure now just by what our town leaders are doing! Are they that scarred by giving thier town people a right to vote? I feel that they have wasted the town peoples money with this non scary tatic.

  3. […] more heavy-handed tactics by the town government.  Town leaders are appealing the certification of a petition requesting a […]

  4. ALmod said

    Beth, if the postage alone is any indication… $.71 x 360 = $255.60 just for postage for the latest little stunt.

  5. ALmod said

    Kathy, that didn’t include the copy and collate. This is a 14-page document. I’m gonna lowball it at $.10/page, so…

    $.10 x 14 x 360 = $504.00

    That brings us to $759.60 for copy, collating, and postage alone. My tax dollars at work.

  6. […] is and isn’t a big story. For instance, take the subversion of our values going on in the Town of Argo. The Birmingham News has covered the Argo fiasco (where the town council has used public funds to […]

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