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The Court Papers

Posted by ALmod on May 19, 2007

I’m going to try to get a copy of the court papers that everyone received on here. If I can’t get it done this weekend, I’ll have them up on Monday. I don’t have a scanner here, so I may have to use a friend’s to convert it to PDF. Give me a few hours to see if I can get something up myself. If anyone has already scanned their own copy and has it as PDF, by all means send it my way. It will save me a lot of trouble.

I’ve said before that the papers don’t really mean anything new. This is a suit (so to speak) filed against the people of Argo who signed the petition, but they are not seeking monetary damages. They are seeking to have the petition thrown out. Those named in the case are nothing new, either, so I doubt it was necessary to inform everyone or send them a copy of the papers. If it was, they’d have probably done it via certified mail at the very least so that they could provide proof of notification. There were also no requests for response enclosed with the papers that asked to verify a signature.

My thoughts are that this was a scare tactic. Plain and simple. And I don’t see any lighter side to a town’s leadership trying scare tactics on the citizens they are supposed to serve. If anyone has any other ideas or explanations for this being done, I’d be glad to hear it. The above two have pretty much been thrown out for the reasons I listed.


Here they are.

I copied a pasted from a PDF of a fax that someone else sent me.  I didn’t include all 14 pages because most of them just continue the list of names.  I have blacked out all last names except for the first, which is named as the main defendant.  (The only reason why I didn’t black that one out as well is so that if someone wanted information on the case they would have the case name to reference it to.  I will gladly black this out as well at the person’s request.  No other personal information is given such as addresses or phone numbers.)  It should be public record, so if my word and the mayor’s signature aren’t good enough for you, you should be able to call the county probate clerk and get a copy for yourself.


2 Responses to “The Court Papers”

  1. Dan said

    Well Alabama can’t vote on a new Constitution or an I&R Amendment, so I guess I’m not surprised that Argo can’t vote to be annexed into Springville.

    Granted that I’ve only seen this from your perspective (and granted that I have no legal experience), but I don’t see how any court could side with the city in this one.

  2. ALmod said

    So far Dan, they haven’t. The city officials just haven’t been to a high enough court that could actually take over the town and force an election. To tell you a truth, they all but did us a favor on this one.

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