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Archive for August 15th, 2007

So what?

Posted by ALmod on August 15, 2007

There are a couple of things being reported about the Argo situation that really makes me want to… well… do nothing about them.  They aren’t really holding my interest, and I’ll tell you why.

First, the website has a nifty little quote from Springville’s Mayor Buckner saying that he doesn’t care about Argo.  That would disturb me– if I didn’t know that the quote was taken grossly out of context.  First, when comparing the the mayor of Argo and the mayor of Springville, actions speak louder than words.  One voted for a willingness ordinance that would or would not come into play based on a vote of Argo’s citizens.  The other has tried very hard to stop a vote of Argo’s citizens and has worked to drive this town into debt whether or not the annexation goes through.  Now, which would you say cares more or less for Argo’s citizens?

As for the quote being taken out of context…  It came from a Springville City Council meeting.  In that meeting, it was brought up that the mayor’s young son had been approached in a not-so-friendly way by a Save Argo supporter, and the mayor stated that he’d had some soul searching over which was more important and whether he was a father or a mayor.  (My opinion is that he’s both, but your family always come first.  What can I say?  It’s Biblical.)  That was when he made the statement about Argo.   Frankly, I don’t blame him, but he should also know that if he gives in to these thugs, it will only get worse from here.  If they’re already trying to influence his decisions, and they succeed, what else are they going to try from here on out?  We’ve seen how they’ve run Argo thus far.

The second thing is a report that Argo is going to be spending $400K to fix roads.  Big deal.  At least this is money that Springville would have had to spend, anyway.  Yeah, they’re going to rack up debt, and that doesn’t thrill me at all, but at least it’s on something that needs to be done regardless of the outcome of the vote.  It’s not, say, a municipal complex.  Have a ball, Argo.  Just make sure you get to what has affectionately come to be known as the Argo Booby Trap.  My only real question is why the citizens of Argo were told for so long that the town wasn’t able to repair the roads because they were county roads.

While we’re at it, I’d also like to know what the council and mayor were doing between 2001 and 2004 and why they weren’t working on their municipal complex then.  I’d like to know why it’s so darn difficult to get copies of receipts that should be public information, and I’d like to know who holds the building contracts for the new municipal complex and why it costs an additional $810K when it should cost a fraction of that, considering that the town already had the land.  I’d like to know how many contractors the city considered for the job, and what the bids were.  I’d like to know why Argo’s former mayor and a local businessman (not a resident of Argo until the annexation issue arose) have taken over a court case against the petitioner.  The two must be awfully cozy to go into legal matters together, and I have some questions as to how much Argo values its citizens and residents as opposed to its businesses.  As a matter of fact, I’d like to know why they think that most businesses wouldn’t appreciate the same protection that many homeowners would like to see result from building codes and zoning– or are they only concerned with the business owners who are members of town leadership and cronies?

Those are the things that interest me– not some stupid out-of-context quote or road work that we’ll need anyway.


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