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“She turned me into a newt.”

Posted by ALmod on September 12, 2007

Yesterday’s Birmingham City Council meeting was a cross between comedy and tragedy, and the council decided unanimously to revoke the business license and liquor license of a local convenience store based on the unproven, undocumented claims of a dozen people and without any conviction from a trial that is about two weeks away.  Some rather amusing and ironic statements were made by both accusers and council.

Councilwoman and mayoral candidate Carol Smitherman made what I consider to be the most amusing statement of the day.  She stated that the council’s failure to revoke the business’s license might result in anarchy and that they have revoked licenses for much less.  Considering the grounds for revocation in this situation, I’m assuming that she is saying that the Birmingham City Council revokes business licenses on a mere whim.  (No wonder Birmingham can’t hold on to their businesses.)  And considering that she is part of a council that is bending to the will of a lynch mob rather than looking at facts and respecting the legal process, I doubt she’s ever even looked at the definition of the word “anarchy.”

I wonder how her mayoral campaign will go if the store owner is found not guilty.

Joel “Drunken Pavement Dive” Montgomery also provided some amusing commentary.  Addressing the accused store owner, he said, “Do you expect us to believe that all these people are lying?”  Well, considering that there is no documentation and no proof to back up their claims and that mob mentality can come into play…  yes.  I can easily get a dozen of my friends and neighbors to state that Joel Montgomery turned me into a newt.  (I got better.)  We can then protest outside City Hall for two weeks and demand that he be removed from office.  I mean, we have no real proof to back up our claims, but you know, the council doesn’t necessarily require that sort of thing these days.  I wonder how many Birmingham elected officials we could have removed that way.


One Response to ““She turned me into a newt.””

  1. Kathy said

    Funny how Montgomery expects all of us to believe his protestations of innocence in the face of a detailed police report. And in the face of his…well, his face in the mug shot.

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