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Posted by ALmod on September 13, 2007

Good luck, Springville. You’re going to need it. Argo is one example of what happens when thugs who believe that they are above the law realize that they can take over. Now that they have succeeded in swaying the decisions made by neighboring towns, there’s a very good chance that they’ll move back into town and take over there as well. If you want to know what your future looks like, look no farther than the town next door.

And for what? To appease a few angry outspoken people? Those same people already said that they wouldn’t vote for you again even if you did change your decision, so what have you accomplished? The people you listened to are the very people who approached Mayor Buckner’s son, and you have just told them that it’s an effective method for them to use to get their way. So what have you accomplished? When they want Springville to do something to benefit themselves, what do you think they will do? What have you accomplished? You’re a store that has just paid protection money!

To the so-called leaders and business owners in Argo… I wish you luck as well. The politicians now have a REALLY BIG debt to explain to the citizenry (and to the lenders, for that matter) as to how exactly they will pay it off. IF (and it’s a really big “if”) you survive politically through the next election, I want to know how you plan to pay for such expenses when there are substantially fewer taxpaying residents. Business owners, I want to know who will shop in Argo when everyone is gone. (There is plenty of competition elsewhere, after all.) When people get sick of investing in a home that could have a noisy factory built behind it and ruin their standard of living. When they decide that they’d rather have properly built homes with a local government that has safety standards to ensure that their $100K or more home doesn’t crumble… Who will pay the bills?

Your newfound debt and projects was based on the hope that Springville would pay the bill. You wanted to spend the town into oblivion so as to hurt Springville. Tell me. Who does it hurt, now?

Businesses will lose customers. Politicians will lose elections. An entire town lost a voice. Argo will lose money. Springville lost control, and its citizenry will lose control as a result. Everyone lost tonight. Even those who might consider themselves winners.

UPDATE: Here is the Birmingham News article that wasn’t available to me last night. Even after sleeping on it last night, I find it extremely disturbing that there is a group of people out there who are celebrating that two townships of people will not be able to vote on an issue. (A proposal to allow the people of Springville to vote on the willingness ordinance was shot down. Had the ordinance actually been voted down by this type of vote, I would have felt much better about it.) In this country, something about that doesn’t seem right. Among those I hold responsible would be St. Clair Circuit Judge Charles Robinson, an elected official who will be remembered around election time. While he did order a vote, Judge Robinson’s failure to stop Argo’s expenditures on a municipal building until after a vote all but killed the town’s chances at a vote. He had to have known that at the time. So… He either killed the plan on purpose, or he’s not very smart. Either way, it doesn’t make for a person I would like to see re-elected.

There’s a quote from Attorney Albert Jordan in the article that I found interesting, as well as another quote from the attorney “representing” Argo. (I have the quotes because he’s actually representing the interests of Argo’s mostly unelected leaders and not that of the majority of residents, since they were not allowed a vote on the matter.) Albert Jordan makes the point that we still have “a circuit court judgment out there,” and City Attorney Bill Weathington makes a statement that there has been “a discussion with him over pending litigation or an issue that was likely to be litigated.”

I’m not sure what Argo’s captors are planning, but it will be interesting to watch, considering their previous, ethically questionable actions.  Since Day 1, I’ve received veiled threats that I would be sued and that my home would be taken from me for merely writing about the issue, and my critical stance of the way Argo has been run hasn’t gone unnoticed.  One poster on’s message boards even alluded to “legal ramifications” and that some in Argo may get a “taste” of revenge.

As for the comments regarding the circuit court judgment… I’m wondering if there are any plans to turn it into a vote to dissolve the township or to be annexed by another town. Considering that the representative government in Argo is very obviously and very badly broken, it wouldn’t be a surprise.


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