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Does Kincaid Deserve Another Term?

Posted by ALmod on September 17, 2007

I’ve been checking out Kincaid’s website this morning.  I’m hoping to get a chance to do a commentary on all the candidates eventually, but I’ll start with the current mayor for now.  If you’d like to check out Kincaid’s website, you can click here.

So let’s take at some of the things addressed by his website and go from there.  The site isn’t particularly detailed, and I really don’t blame them.  This is, of course, from a man who micromanages to the point of getting very little (if anything) done.  One of his greatest accomplishments as mayor could probably be his standardizing the font in which all city communications were written in.  That pretty much says it all.  A few things in particular caught my eye.

From this page:

“Mayor Bernard Kincaid established Commission to develop long-term plan to end chronic homelessness, defined as about 30% of homelessness population who are homeless more frequently and longer periods of time and who consumes over 50% of resources.”

Um… Call me picky, but while this states the commission’s purpose, it doesn’t state how much of its goal it has actually achieved.  As a matter of fact, one only has to visit the downtown area (particularly the park) to see just how much of a problem homelessness is.  I haven’t seen any figures on how this has been reduced, and nothing in the above states how this commission plans to do that, but I have continued to see a ton of people camped out in our public areas.

On two other pages, the mayor lists his projects for economic and residential growth, but again, there are no figures to show what those projects actually accomplished.  What we have seen is the population of Birmingham growing ever smaller.

Still another page lists his projects for local police, and again, we don’t see any listing of accomplishments for these groups.  What we have seen is an increase in violent crime and a city that remains on the FBI’s list of most dangerous cities, while the mayor fights with the city council over whether or not his police deserve a pay raise and gives them the bare minimum when it comes to defending themselves from Birmingham’s most wanted.

And let’s talk about his most recent accomplishment.  As the city becomes more and more violent, the mayor recently signed off on a council decision to revoke the license of a local business owner who had not even been convicted of a crime.  The council and mayor acted as judge and jury on a case based on hearsay and submitted to mob mentality.  What’s more, some eyewitnesses say that the business owner was acting in self defense.

Does Kincaid deserves another try?  I personally believe he’s done enough.


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