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Sex Toys for Troy

Posted by ALmod on November 12, 2007

I have to admit that when I need my day to be a little brighter, I pop on over to Loretta Nall’s blog.  The 2006 gubernatorial candidate can be a scream, and her latest idea has to be the best one yet!

You see, our attorney general (and media whore extraordinare) Troy King has decided to take a break from his war on whatever-it-is-this-week to butt into the sex life of every consenting adult in Alabama.  That includes married couples, ladies and gentlemen.  He wants tougher obscenity laws so that we can’t buy sex toys, and in the last interview I saw, he even suggested that we be prevented from ordering them from out of state via Internet or catalogs.

Ms. Nall has it figured out.  A man so obsessed over the sex lives of other couples must surely be either sexually repressed or lacking any real understanding of the devices being sold.  Now these devices can be sold legally for medical or educational purposes, so Nall has suggested that we send some to Mr. King to further his education on the matter.  I love it!

I think he could use some edible panties, personally, but I don’t want to know what he does with them.


One Response to “Sex Toys for Troy”

  1. Del said

    Indeed. Methinks the, um, attorney general doth protest too much.

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