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Yeah, but here’s what REALLY happened…

Posted by ALmod on November 15, 2007

I read the Birmingham News watered down version of events, and I had to comment.

On Friday, all department heads received notice that their services would no longer be needed, and their last day would be Monday (a city holiday). Interestingly enough, Langford was not sworn in as mayor until TUESDAY, which first begs the question of how he had the authority to do such. On Tuesday, all but (I think) six of them were brought back.

LaLa has a history of bad financial decisions, and that’s putting it mildly. Everything he touches ends up badly in debt or declaring bankruptsy. That includes Langford, himself. Considering the department heads were dismissed without any transition team before Langford ever took office, and considering that those department heads were the only ones who knew where to find department funding, millions in city funds would have been displaced and LaLa would have set a new record for himself. Those are negative hours, after all. To screw up the city any faster, he’d need the TARDIS.

So the department heads were called back on Tuesday. They were all in a meeting yesterday, during which Langford threw an angry temper tantrum and said that he didn’t like their attitude– as if he’d taken the time to gauge it. He then proceeded to promote and demote in the room in front of everyone.

Any minute now, he’s going to pee in a circle around City Hall and the Birmingham News will say he’s redecorating. I’m still getting over how NBC 13 reported so cheerily that the guy who cuts the grass, barely sports a high school education, and can’t speak proper English would be in charge of an over $50 million budget and negotiating public services. What on earth is wrong with our Birmingham media?!


6 Responses to “Yeah, but here’s what REALLY happened…”

  1. some guy said

    Interesting thoughts about Larry Langford. Today the News reports he does in fact plan to raise the sales tax and double business license costs. Am I correct in understanding that occupational taxes are not considered in business licenses? (That does not mean that I think there is no chance of occupational taxes being raised.)

    I WANT to like Larry, but his past history on financial matters (Visionland, sales tax increase for Jefferson Co.) makes me really uneasy.

  2. ALmod said

    You are half right. The business licenses aren’t the same as an occupational tax, BUT they are a kind of occupational tax for business owners. That includes small businesses.

    I also have received an email prediction that public services will be sold. Since that person was correct in predicting the sales tax bit, I’m going to go with that. He’s done it before, after all. And the guy in charge of it was just mowing the lawn last week.

    By the way… He’s already started rennovating his office in Birmingham. They were cutting a hole in his office wall just yesterday so that he could go outside and smoke. He also wants customized wall coverings to match his office in Jefferson County, hardwood floors, and new furniture. If things go as planned, he’ll likely have a new ventilation system similar to the one in his JeffCo office so that he can smoke in his office. The ventilation system alone will cost $60k (less than the $100k for the JeffCo office)– all on the Birmingham taxpayer’s dime.

    Meanwhile… We haven’t heard any real solution to the crime or education problems of Birmingham, and we likely won’t.

  3. some guy said

    Could you define “public services”? Just trying to figure out what would be sold–based on the reference to the former groundskeeper, I guess that would mean HIS department might be outsourced. Am I close?

    I have seen ONE reference on to Don Lupo’s KEEPING his job but would like to see confirmation of that–would make me feel better about the new Mayor.

  4. some guy said

    To clarify: the reference to Don Lupo was in a forum posting!

  5. ALmod said

    The last report I saw said that Don Lupo had been replaced by Frank Matthews (that guy who protested that Richard M. Scrushy Parkway keep that name, among other things). Word from a number of people in City Hall as of yesterday morning was that Lupo was still gone, though none of those people were from his department.

    Public services are just that… public services. City services. Think of things that your city provides for you. It’s more than enough to justify an over $50 million budget. I’d go further into detail, but it’s not my prediction, and I don’t want to give too much away. 🙂

  6. ALmod said

    Ah, correction… I called a friend of mine… Don Lupo is most certainly back as of yesterday! That’s good news.

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