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Posted by ALmod on November 17, 2007

Haha! Hahaha!  Hahaha!  Hahaha!  Hehehe…  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 

For those of you not in on the joke…

Here’s what the RIAA has been doing.

Step 1.  RIAA threatens college to find out what students MIGHT have used what IP addresses at what times.  (Technically, there’s no real way to know.)

Step 2.  College chokes and gives out information that it doesn’t have to.

Step 3.  Letters are sent en masse to students who may or may not have violated the law.  These letters state that the student can either face the RIAA in court or pay them a few thousand dollars to “settle” the case.

Step 4.  College student who can’t afford to go to court pays up, regardless of innocence.  Those who don’t are taken to court for even more money.

Step 5.  Court case doesn’t go too well because the RIAA can’t prove anything.  Student countersues and the RIAA drops the case to weasel out of it.

It’s happening over and over again, and the judges are finally getting fed up.


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