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Archive for January, 2008

Rumors of Two More Candidates Dropping

Posted by ALmod on January 30, 2008

Most major news outlets are reporting that John Edwards will announce later today that he is dropping from the presidential campaign.  I’ve also seen a couple reporting that Rudy Giuliani will also be dropping and supporting John McCain.

I think it’s long overdue for Giuliani.  His numbers aren’t getting any better.  John Edwards may be down, but I hadn’t yet ruled him out.  He’s actually got some pretty good ideas, and he’s posted details on how he wants to accomplish them– something that sets him apart from his fellow candidates.  This just doesn’t seem to have been his year, I suppose.


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Scientology v. Internet: The Saga Continues

Posted by ALmod on January 25, 2008

This time a group of hackers calling themselves Anonymous has declared war, and they’ve released a YouTube video:

Now, these are not your average hackers– the fourteen-year-olds in their mommys’ basements who go around stealing credit card information.  These are real hackers.  Real hackers, the ones you don’t want to mess with, have a purpose and see themselves as the freedom fighters of the Internet.

The gauntlet was thrown when the hackers took out several Scientology websites.  The group claims that their motivation stems from the church’s attack on freedom of speech and dissent.  (The church is notorious for breaking out big lawsuits, specifically claiming copyright, and for their policy of declaring opposition as fair game that should be stopped by any means necessary.)

Now, there’s one group in particular who has the motive and the means to organize this and pull it off successfully.  We’ll just refer to them as the Keyser Söze of hackers.  Anyone I’ve ever met who is deep into the hacker community has told me that they’re not scared of (insert boogeyman here), but they’re scared of these guys– thus the comparison.  If you’re part of the hacker community, you know of whom I speak.  If not, well I wouldn’t worry about it.  They aren’t your boogeymen, after all.  I’m not saying that these guys are Anonymous, but if they are, this could get very interesting.

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They’re back…

Posted by ALmod on January 24, 2008

And they’re going to Heath Ledger’s funeral.

I’ve had my own personal run-ins with Shirley Phelps.  Honestly, I’m hoping that they don’t have a message to spread, because they’ve pretty much killed off any chances that they ever had at doing so– EVER.  Actions such as the ones they’ve taken do little more than tell people to do the exact opposite of whatever you’re doing.  You heard me.  WBC, in it’s blind hatred, has actually become directly responsible for more sympathy and support toward the GLBT community.  By picketing the funerals of dead soldiers and victims of tragic circumstances, they’ve trumped up sympathy for anyone who receives a WBC funeral picket.  In other words, WBC has become a direct cause and contributor for the very thing that they condemn.

So, by their reasoning…  If contributing to this cause is condemnable, and WBC’s protesting has done just that, what does that make WBC?  Are they going to start picketing their own funerals?

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More Drama at East Lake Texico

Posted by ALmod on January 23, 2008

Correction:  Gwen Webb was a speaker addressing the City Council.  The person who was allegedly attacked was Kathleen Bullard.

The old owner was put out of business. Now there’s a new owner. Problems are solved for the community, right? Wrong.

The lynch mob is back

Now we have problems that the former owner and his family is allowed to have any employment whatsoever. All without any kind of criminal conviction. Further, they have issues that the new owner is Vietnamese. Great country we live in, eh?

But I think the following quote from Gwen Webb (from the Birmingham Weekly blog) says it all.

Several councilors and speakers at the council meeting took issue with the Vietamese owners not hiring black employees.

“They will allow the Mexicans to come in and hire them, but they will not allow black people to come in where the Vietnamese have businesses,” one speaker, Gwen Webb, said.

Now, you may remember that I blogged on this back when the first store owner was being targeted by this crowd. And here is a link to that post. You may notice another quote in that post from Ms. Webb. If you don’t, here it is:

” Webb acknowledged a socio-cultural clash between blacks and outsiders – whether whites, Asians or others – who establish businesses in black communities and who blacks feel mistreat them or take advantage of them.

“…’Not if he leaves but when he’s gone, I’m sure that a very reputable black business can come in here and accommodate this neighborhood properly,’ she said.”

That was taken from this article featured in the Birmingham News.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you this new owner’s REAL crime. It’s quite possibly the real crime of the former owner. He isn’t black. Vietnamese business owners of Birmingham beware. And on the day after MLK day… These people should be ashamed of themselves.

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Birmingham Cops: White & Nerdy

Posted by ALmod on January 23, 2008

I still haven’t quit giggling about this.

Kyle Whitmire found a YouTube video that shows you what these new scooters will look like.

Now, where have I seen these before? Oh yeah!

On the plus side, I think they may catch more criminals this way. The bad guys will be so busy laughing at the cops that they’ll forget to run away!

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Here we go again…

Posted by ALmod on January 18, 2008

This time, it’s about the illegal street races.  Again, the movies and video games are responsible

“Films such as “The Fast and the Furious” series and video games have added to the popularity of the events, which can often includes gambling.”

Every time I hear that argument, this cartoon comes to mind.  We are correct in assuming that there are some who will watch or play these things and get stupid ideas in their heads, but stupid really has no cure– with the possible exception of Darwin.  Stupid is going to have that street race with or without a video game, and if stupid isn’t street racing, stupid is going to find something else stupid to do.

That brings me to my next observation from this article.

“John Rogers Drive is just one known hot spot for illegal street racing, a longtime pastime in Birmingham and cities across the United States.”

Isn’t that right where a certain mayor is currently talking about introducing more traffic?

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King Supports McCain

Posted by ALmod on January 16, 2008

I’ve gone from being a heavy McCain supporter to becoming very disappointed in him and his seeming change of values.  I’m no longer a McCain fan, but I do have respect for the guy.  He was a POW who suffered unimaginable things.  I always will respect him for his service to our country.  So no matter what his recent misdeeds, I’m not so sure he deserved this.

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What was he thinking?

Posted by ALmod on January 15, 2008

Danny has posted a new, wild (and true) story about AG King.  This is the part where I add something witty and snarky, but really, if you read the story, you’ll find that there’s not much you can add to it.

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Stop the presses! The Internet is now safe again!

Posted by ALmod on January 15, 2008

MySpace has now agreed to let parents register their children’s email addresses so that they can’t sign up for MySpace.  Hurray!  The age of actually having to monitor your child’s Internet usage is over, because as we all know, MySpace is the only evil out there, and there’s no possible way that the kiddies can get around this one.

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The Recession of 1987 Predicted in 1983…

Posted by ALmod on January 13, 2008

And guess who…

Wow!  That speech sounds awfully familiar…  Oh, that’s right!  He’s still giving it in the Republican debates!  Ladies and gentlemen, meet Ron Paul.  This is the guy who can fix our economy.  I’ll be voting for him this year.  Will you?

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