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Magic 8-Ball Predictions for 2008

Posted by ALmod on January 7, 2008

Yeah, like your poll is any more accurate. I have asked my trusty friend, the Magic 8-Ball to offer his insight into the chances of each presidential candidate.

First, we’ll ask about the Republican candidates:

Alabama Moderate: “Will John McCain be able to regain the popularity he had in 2000 and 2004?”

Magic 8-Ball: “Yes”

AM: “I’m not sure that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I do appreciate your honesty and directness at the beginning of this interview. Now, for Rudy Giuliani… He received quite a beating in Iowa, finishing below Ron Paul and even Fred Thompson. Can he recover?”

M8B: “Ask again later.”

AM: “So you’re saying that we should wait until after New Hampshire?”

M8B: “Outlook not so good.”

AM: “I see. Sounds ominous. Let’s talk about Mike Huckabee for a minute. Unlike Giuliani, he had a huge victory. Will he continue to see this kind of success throughout 2008?”

M8B: “Yes.”

AM: “Do you think we could be looking at a Huckabee presidency?”

M8B: “Definitely.”

AM: “And what do you think of Mitt Romney? Does he still stand a chance?”

M8B: “Ask again later.”

AM: “One candidate we haven’t really discussed is Ron Paul. He had a surprising following in Iowa, and he’s polling well in New Hampshire. Do you think he has a chance to pull ahead in this race?”

M8B: “My sources say no.”

AM: “I’d like to know who those sources are, but I won’t pry. Well, I’d like to thank my friend, Magic 8-Ball, for joining me today. Magic 8-Ball, would you care to join me tomorrow in discussing the Democratic candidates?”

M8B: “Absolutely!”


One Response to “Magic 8-Ball Predictions for 2008”

  1. Don said

    Personally, I use a cue ball to prognosticate. Unfortunately it tells me that Ron Paul has no chance to be nominated by the GOP, much less be elected. I hate that and I’ll support him as long as I have a chance to.

    However, my cue ball also says that his message will continue to resonate and grow louder and irresistible over time until in some future election a candidate with a similar agenda will be elected and save our country. If that prediction is wrong, I fear the USA will become a third world nation in the not too distant future.

    Paul’s contribution in this election is that he started the movement that will eventually prevail.

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