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Obama’s Biggest Defenders– Republicans?

Posted by ALmod on September 12, 2008

Wow!  As it turns out, some of Obama’s biggest defenders in this whole lipstick faux controversy are actually right-wingers and Republicans!  I’ve already shown the video of Mike Huckabee talking.  Now, let’s see what Bill O’Reilly, not necessarily known for being a nice guy (or a fan of any Democrat) has to say:

Now, it’s odd that O’Reilly would say that Obama doesn’t like confrontation right after he just told someone else the exact opposite, but that aside…

Did I just hear that right?  Did Bill O’Reilly just DEFEND Barack Obama?!  Even in his later interviews with some pretty far-right folks, ol’ “Papa Bear” comes back and questions the negative points that they’re trying to make.

My world is askew.

Of course, I did get a kick out of O’Reilly commenting to Dick Morris, “Overall, Barack Obama helped himself by speaking to me.”  If Obama wins, I can pretty well already hear O’Reilly stroking his ego about how he “made” Obama.

And die-hard Republican Elisabeth Hasselbeck (the same Elisabeth Hasselbeck who panned Michele Obama) is getting in on Obama’s defense as well.

Even McCain-supporter Dennis Miller reluctantly admitted to O’Reilly that Obama “obviously wasn’t calling her a pig.”


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