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Palin vs. Nall

Posted by ALmod on September 12, 2008

So we want to talk about sexism?  Let’s talk about sexism.  I mean, Alabama has it’s own, right?

Let’s say that you’re running for Governor of Alabama, and you’d like to bring up some issues that you believe are important to you.  Now, let’s say that instead of reporting on your views of the issues, some collumnist decides that he suddenly wants to make this race all about your breasts– literally.

What do you do?

Well, we know how Palin would respond.  Even if the above doesn’t happen, she’ll take some obscure reference and create a situation so that she can turn herself into a victim.

However, the above DID happen to Loretta Nall, who was running for Governor of Alabama just two years ago.  Did she whine about sexism and retreat to avoid the issues?  No.  She laughed about it and turned it into a campaign slogan!  You wanna talk about boobs?  Okay, let’s talk about the boobs I’m running against– including Bob Riley and Roy Moore.

Nall vs. Palin.  Now THAT’S a debate I’d like to see!


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