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The Tax Increase that John McCain Doesn’t Want You to Know About

Posted by ALmod on September 12, 2008

John McCain actually WILL raise my taxes?

It’s just technically not called a tax increase, but I will be paying more taxes. I was reading the FactCheck blog. There was a post debunking Obama’s claims about McCain’s health care plan, and this happened to be in there.

“There are a few things wrong with the statement. First, McCain’s plan doesn’t call for taking away the tax deduction for employers; it would only take away the tax benefits for employees. Under current law, employees don’t pay income taxes on the value of their health insurance; under McCain’s plan, they will.”

Presto!  TAX INCREASE! Only, this one doesn’t hit the folks who can afford a tax increase. This is a tax increase on Joe Average who’s having to deal with a smaller paycheck and higher grocery bills.

But if your employer pays for your health insurance, you have less of an issue, right? Well, maybe for now, but let’s look farther down the road:

“Experts do say some employers would stop offering health care in the long run under a plan like McCain’s.”


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