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John McCain Takes the Bait

Posted by ALmod on October 14, 2008

It started with a campaign smear.

John McCain’s campaign, desperate after looking at the polls, wants to link Barack Obama to Bill Ayers.  The truth is that there’s not much to link.  Yeah, they crossed paths a few times.  They even spoke.  Ayers even hosted a campaign fundraiser.  But aside from that, there’s really nothing there.

But the insinuation was made that Obama was something far more sinister than he appeared, and it had the desired affect among the party faithful.  For the rest of us, the effect was just plain scary.  I personally watched in horror as Republican rallies were upstaged by cries of “kill him” and “terrorist”.

Among everyone else, particularly undecided voters, it’s been noted that the negative campaigning is getting old.  On CNN, meters that recorded audience reaction (among undecided/swayable voters) showed a steep downturn in favor of a candidate when he used negative attacks toward his opponent.

So when Obama said that John McCain should say [these attacks] to his face at the debates, I pretty much saw it for what it was– baiting.  In particular, with news that McCain will focus on his economic plan, I personally saw that as being the one thing that might just pull out a squeaker win for McCain.  The attacks simply haven’t worked for him.  At worst, they’ve hurt McCain.  So of course, Barack Obama would encourage him to do it more.  People like to cheer for the victim.

And if John McCain sticks to what he says he’ll do, he’s taken the bait.  I’m going to make a prediction here and say that it’s going to backfire BIG TIME.  If ever there was a final nail to add to the McCain campaign coffin, this would be it.

There is hope for McCain.  As I said before, if he can stick to the issues and resonate with the audience, he could just turn this thing around.  In particular, he’s going to have to outline in detail exactly what he has planned for this economy, and he has to sound like he knows what he’s talking about.  A good sit down with some economists should do the trick.

Do I see that happening?  Not really.  If he sticks to the issues, his base will likely complain.  Heaven forbid we upset the same people that all but HATED this guy a year ago.  Meanwhile, where are all the moderate voters?  Well, they’re not with John McCain, that’s for sure– at least not en masse like they’d have been just a few short years ago.  Most of us are either voting third party or voting for Obama because we’ve come to the point where we just can’t back McCain.  He’s let us down.  Most don’t like voting for Obama, either, but he seems to be the lesser of two evils at the moment.


2 Responses to “John McCain Takes the Bait”

  1. Don said

    “In particular, with news that McCain will focus on his economic plan, I personally saw that as being the one thing that might just pull out a squeaker win for McCain.”

    Why would you ever think that? Neither McCain nor Obama has a clue about economics. All either one of them has to offer is rhetoric, but maybe that’s all it takes to fool voters.

  2. ALmod said

    That’s exactly what I think. Unfortunately, your Joe Average Voter isn’t going to study the ins and outs of economics. But I believe that if McCain comes up that can at least SOUND feasible to voters and sound better than Obama’s “plan,” he can win it. But again, that’s a big IF.

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