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The Roundup

Posted by ALmod on October 15, 2008

Not much appears to be going on today.  Looks like most people are just looking forward to the debate tonight.  Let’s start with the wingnuts, shall we?

Over at the Free Republic, barcalounger wonders whether or not McCain could win without the support of Rush Limbaugh.  Folks over at the Daily Kos appear to be obsessed with McCain and copyright infringement.  Meanwhile, is anybody talking about Barack Obama?  He seems to be getting a free pass these days because the only ones talking about him are talking about wierd conspiracy theories and grasping at straws over barely there ties to semi-shady crowds.  I’m sure that the guy has to have done SOMETHING worthy of scrutiny in the last two weeks.  At least HuffPo is talking about a possible Obama endorsement from Colin Powell.  (I’d say that they’re dreaming, but even I’m not that certain of what’s going to happen at this point.)

Dr. Steven Taylor had a couple of interesting posts that caught my eye this morning.  Particularly, he’s discussing how McCain’s negative campaigning has backfired.  (It’s a point I touched on yesterday.)  And then there’s an amusing read about how the media wants Palin to be silenced— or so Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin would have you believe.

The Moderate Voice had a few items that caught my eye as well.  It looks like yet another Palin speech was met with audience screams of “kill him”.  Jon Stewart touched on it last night, and I thought his presentation of the situation was fairly accurate.

Elyas Bakhtiari comments on Campbell Brown’s recent statement:  “So what if Obama was Arab or Muslim? So what if John McCain was Arab or Muslim? Would it matter?” I think it needed to be said as well.

There are also a couple of pieces on noteable conservative Christopher Buckly (son of National Review founder William F. Buckley) having to leave the ultra-neoconservative National Review after he endorsed Barack Obama.  This line particularly hit home with me:

“To some conservatives, it’ll be yet one more indication of the split between traditional conservatives ideologically descended from Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan and Bush and modern conservatives who are more focused on winning than adhering to traditional conservative tenets and traditional respectful political behavior.”

I can relate.


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