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Archive for October 19th, 2008

Maybe if you ignore it…

Posted by ALmod on October 19, 2008

…it will go away?

Matthew O’Keefe writes about more of the hate that supposedly is manufactured by the evil media.  Funny.  It looks very real to me:


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“But… You’re BLACK!”

Posted by ALmod on October 19, 2008

Hello pot. Have you met ACORN?

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The Republican Answer to Hate: Pretend It Doesn’t Exist

Posted by ALmod on October 19, 2008

Okay, so a couple of weeks ago, I started posting on what had become a scary situation at Republican rallies.  You can see those posts here, here and here.  You may notice that I included video footage.  I did that for a reason.  I knew that at some point, someone was going to try to claim that it’s not actually happening or that it’s not as bad as it sounds or that the media is twisting it.  Standard Rovian procedure when you have something this smelly on your hands.

Some point finally came.  Here I am reading about how shouts of “kill him” were actually inteded for Bill Ayers and not for Barack Obama.  Not that it didn’t happen, mind you, but that they wanted to murder someone else.

There are a couple of problems here.  First off, the article headline states that nobody yelled “kill him.”  Then the actual article states that it was yelled, but it was intended for Ayers.  There’s the first big red flag.  Then they quote the article that reported the incident to prove their point, but Patterico left out a crucial portion that would have completely undermined the point that he’s making.  The context in which that quote was used was while Palin was talking about Obama’s “relationship” with Ayers, so while it’s possible that “him” could have been referring to Ayers, it’s also entirely possible that “him” was referring to Obama.

And here’s the underlying message to continuing to defend this:  It’s okay to murder someone as long as they’re a “terrorist.”  I suppose that’s the message we’re putting across now.  But then we see this video.  Who is Barack Obama, really?  Just ask a crowd at a McCain rally:

By the way, note the FIRST response to the first question asked in the video. And the other argument seems to be that one woman’s statement was altered in transcript.  Well, that may be so, but it doesn’t exactly make her statement any more flowery, and it doesn’t change the fact that McCain had to correct her. Here’s another interview with that same woman, by the way:

In fact, “Arab” is just another code word for “terrorist” with a lot of these people.  Watch the following and see if you can pick up on what this woman is trying to say with “Arab tendencies” when she’s talking about Barack Obama:

In case there’s any confusion, here’s what some other McCain supporters believe:

That looks like more than one or two people to me.  And if you can’t see through the rhetoric to understand that words like “Arab tendencies” and “that kind of background” means that they associate Obama with terrorists, then I have some miracle hair tonic to sell you.

Even John McCain has acknowledged that it’s gotten out of hand.  He’s correcting his own, and he’s getting booed for it by “supporters,” as Jon Stewart showed.  The campaign is trying to put the genie back into the bottle, and that doesn’t seem to be happening, so now the suporters will try to say that the big blue genie isn’t even there.

Ladies and gentlemen, the first step to recovery is to admit that you have a problem.  If you can’t admit there’s a problem, then you can’t fix it.

Meanwhile, the other defense seems to be that it’s okay because the left has their own.  Yes, they do, but I don’t see Obama supporters defending them, either.  What’s humorous to me is that while Obama very clearly stated that he disagreed with Rep. Lewis, apparently that wasn’t good enough because Obama didn’t “criticize” or “repudate” him.  Well, Obama did say that Lewis’s statement wasn’t correct, which is pretty much how McCain has recently addressed some on his side– and rightfully so.  If you have a disagreement on what that should be called, well I think it could be equated with nit picking.

Meanwhile, you hear complaints from McCain supporters about censorship on YouTube “by Obama supporters”.  Apparently, those doing the complaining failed to read YouTube’s community guidelines, which they do enforce.  (You can report someone and complain, but it is ultimately up to YouTube to enforce it after they review the situation.)  From their TOS:

“We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. But we don’t permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity).”

The same person who complained about being “censored” used some various slurs in the video he created to respond to the situation and states that he used those same slurs in the original video that was removed.  The problem is that he apparently doesn’t realize that calling someone “white trash” is a slur, no matter how undesirable that person is.

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