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Closing Thoughts on the 2008 Election

Posted by ALmod on November 5, 2008

Boy, am I glad THAT’S over with!  What was a nearly two-year bicker-fest ended with a three-hour wait in line and a sunburn for the sole purpose of voting AGAINST a few candidates rather than FOR anyone in particular. Childbirth was less exhausting, less frustrating, and less time consuming.

I was happy to see history made, even if I’m not a fan of the person who made it.  My hope is that he can turn me around in the next four years, and if he can’t, then someone running against him can.  I don’t think he’s going to do anything destructive.  He may actually make some positive changes, and I’ll be praying for as much.

Loretta Nall had what I’d consider the most entertaining reaction of anyone here in “O-Bama.”  And it appears that other bottom-feeder right-wingnut liberals who can’t take a stand on anything (read: moderates, like me) had the same reaction that I did when I heard McCain’s concession speech.  Perhaps this loss will have the same effect on the GOP that it had on John McCain– causing a reason for them to pause and consider the mistakes of abandoning their traditional conservatism for a red flavor of liberal to appease the extremist minority within the party.  John McCain 2000 is back.  I had hoped that his reputation would survive this election, and perhaps it has.  I’m glad.  His supporters are another story, and I was glad to see that McCain 2000 showed his disapproval for the lack of class that was on display during his speech.

Speaking of Sen. McCain, the Republican Party leaders should be crawling on their hands and knees to thank him right about now.  Not so very long ago, they wanted to do away with the filibuster– a tool that they’ll now need to use.  McCain predicted this during their attempts and darn near single-handedly orchestrated a bipartisan compromise that put an end to their efforts.  Oh, how they cursed his name, then!

To Barack Obama:  You owe me.  I skipped out on a shower and breakfast to make it to the polls early to vote against my party’s candidate.  I got sunburn after standing in the Alabama sun for three hours.  I missed out on what was supposed to be a laid back lunchtime date with my husband.  I’m sending you the bill for my dermatologist visit and the bottles of aloe and asprin.  If I die from skin cancer, you’d better be delivering a eulogy at my funeral.

Joking aside,  I’ll be keeping the new president in my prayers just as I have the previous one.  Good luck, and don’t screw this up!


12 Responses to “Closing Thoughts on the 2008 Election”

  1. Redphilly said

    As my brother said to me, Caucasian America is going to expect of Obama what they did not expect of Bush. They allowed Bush to have 8 years to screw everythng up and now they want Obama to fix it, like now! I believe he will do a very good job repairing the damage done by Bush. But there is no need to push it. You didn’t ride Bush like you should have. I don’t know how many times I watched a news conference where Bush would say something stupid and none of the reporters, except once, called him on it. Bush didn’t like the USA. He knew we didn’t vote for him and that it was stolen from Gore. He proceeded to make us pay for this slight to his ego. And, boy, did he make us suffer. Wait for Obama to act like a good president. He will show us how a president is supposed to act.

  2. n/a said

    in memoriam: 1776-2008

  3. Lanabelle said

    When the nominations were first secured, I was very excited. As an independent voter, I expected to see a truly groundbreaking campaign on both sides – these were men of intelligence, substance, and achievement on so many levels. I was tremendously disappointed to see Senator McCain echoing the intolerance and negativity that is the namesake of the extreme right.

    I wanted to have a real discourse about America, and how each side would propose to deal with the real issues facing our country today. Instead, the GOP made McCain into an unwilling mouthpiece for their own agendas, in a campaign that was painfully mismanaged from start to finish. To be sure, there were mistakes made by both sides, but Obama never sank to the same depths of negativity unless dragged there by the initial attacks of the republican party. In the end, it seemed he was the one putting forth real solutions and hope, while McCain’s camp tried everything in their power to scare voters away from him. I won’t even begin to go into my reservations with regards to his V.P. pick. Suffice to say, she was inadequate, at best, even after Hillary’s defeat in the primaries.

    I truly hope that McCain gets a chance to redeem himself, and continues to serve our country now as he did in the past. I look forward to the return of the real Straight Talk Express, and I truly believe that our next president will rise to the challenge he faces in trying to put together the pieces of a very broken American system.

  4. Veodis Doughty said

    I would like to officially thank “A.M.” talk radio, Fox News Channel, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly. For giving the American People their first President, that is for the people and by the people. Thank you guys, You all rock! Keep up the good work!!!!

  5. Lee P said

    A minor correction: Republicans never wanted to do away with the filibuster altogether – only for judicial confirmations.

  6. Brad said

    All this election has proven is that corruption and money trump integrity every time. Mr. “Game-Changer” showed that he has no more character than the creeps on Capitol Hill, quickly abandoning his promise to accept only public funding for his campaign. This enabled him to outspend McCain by hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising, flooding the airwaives in key battleground states with up to four times as many ads as the GOP.

    This guy’s no different than anyone else, as you will soon see. But, hey, what can I say? Love is blind, isn’t it?

  7. Michael said

    brad r u saying we stole the election… that is poetic justice…….go bama…………….

  8. Nazifa said

    GO OBAMA!!!

  9. Brad said

    “now that is poetic justice” No, I’d say it’s pathetic injustice, and even sadder tha you seem to think it’s funny.

  10. Jonny said

    Dear Brad, I don’t think what you said was funny at all. I think the other blogger thinks you are funny because you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

  11. B said

    Obama= change huh??? What change? A VP who has been in the senate since the 1800’s and a Chief of staff from the Clinton administration? Doesn’t anyone read enough to know that the Clinton administration is one of the biggest causes for the subprime meltdown and all our jobs going overseas???? I see no change!!!

  12. Brad said

    B, you’re wasting your time. Love is blind. We’ll just have to wait for about 6 months to a year for all these Dems to start howling about the way Obama led them astray. Mark my words. He’s no different than Clinton or any other slick willy on Capitol Hill.

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