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What’s next for Joe the Senator?

Posted by ALmod on November 7, 2008

Bob Englehart, The Hartford Courant

Bob Englehart, The Hartford Courant

What’s the difference between Joe Lieberman and Colin Powell?  Both endorsed presidential candidates from opposing parties.  But the vast difference seems to be the way that the two handled their endorsements.

Colin Powell seemed to be the picture of class.  Lieberman, well…  Not so much.  It wasn’t quite as acidic as the performace from Zell Miller just four years ago, but it was bad.  It just left a bad taste in your mouth.

Lieberman’s endorsement of McCain shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone.  The two of them have been good friends for years.  And Lieberman’s frustrations with the Democratic party shouldn’t have come as a surprise, either.  The attitude he carried was the surprise.

And so we’re left asking…  Where does he go from here?  Harry Reid has all but stated that he’s done with Lieberman.  Could he be heading for an alliance with the GOP?

I’m sure that the Senate Republicans will take whatever they can get right now, but I think it’s more than a little naiive for Lieberman to expect any star treatment from them.  Lieberman’s novelty, after all, was that he was a Democrat who was against the Democrats.  His value in the horse and pony show was as the turncoat.  And now…  Well, I don’t think that the GOP portrayal has exactly helped his reputation as someone you can trust.  Just as the 2008 election threatened to forever scare John McCain’s reputation, it has likely succeeded in forever mangling the reputation of Joe Lieberman.  McCain seems to have recovered somewhat, but I’m pretty sure that Lieberman’s days of being a major influence in national politics are over.


One Response to “What’s next for Joe the Senator?”

  1. Don said

    Jennifer Foster has written on this topic a couple of times on her “Clarion Caller – The Blog” @ The latest post is “See Harry Reid …” and at the end of it there’s a link to her first post.

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