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Thank You, Kyle Whitmire

Posted by ALmod on November 14, 2008

I know that you tend to visit on occasion, so I’ll go ahead and thank you here.

What I saw in the Birmingham Weekly today reminded me of why I don’t take this stinking blog down.

It’s not really reporting, mind you.  Mostly, I’m just sharing my “opinions” on stuff that other people reported.  Sometimes I wonder why people even bother to visit.  Why on earth would I bother sharing what I think?

Your story reminded me about how important it is to think and have an “argument.”

And this particular paragraph:

Opinion is a broken word, overused and abused. Its meaning is unhinged. How many quarrels end with ‘Well, that’s your opinion’? Rather than refuting some imbecile’s diatribe, we say, ‘You are entitled to your opinion.’  And there’s my least favorite: ‘You know how opinions are like assholes? Everyone has one and they all stink.’  I hear that one a lot, mostly from assholes who never had an original thought.”

That made me laugh.  Very true!


2 Responses to “Thank You, Kyle Whitmire”

  1. Del said

    That was a nice read, thanks. I can’t believe John Archibald claims to not vote. Like he has to remain a member of the neutral priesthood or something.

  2. Keep on Blogging!! You are important to the blogging community, and to Alabama.

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