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Dear Mr. Siegelman and Mr. Scrushy

Posted by ALmod on March 9, 2009

Please stop.  Just stop.  Think about what you’re doing.

While the world watches and (by some miracle) actually believes the garbage you’re telling them, we in Alabama are perfectly aware of what happened.  I honestly hope that neither of you is hoping to ever do anything in Alabama ever again, because you’ve basically told the United States and the world that the people of Alabama are too stupid to look at overwhelming evidence and make a decision.

These conspiracy theories that you throw at national news organizations didn’t seem to concern you so much during the first trial.  And what’s with the whole sudden protest over not enough black representation in the jury?  Perhaps I’d be more concerned if we were trying a couple of black men, but you’re both about as white as it gets.  You aren’t being put down by “the man” because you both ARE “the man” or at least you were.

Those of us who paid attention to your trial regarding HealthSouth, Mr. Scrushy, also saw the circus you turned it into.  We saw the delegation of black pastors surround you as you somehow turned yourself into a victim of discrimination against blacks and then convinced your jurors of that.  Then we later saw how some of those pastors came forward and admitted that they took money or were promised money for their support.  You are white.  Deal with it.

And no, just because it’s a common practice does not excuse it.  In so many words, you both admitted to doing the very thing you were accused of.  Your primary defense was that it was a common practice and THEN that the statute of limitations had run out.  You never stated that you didn’t do it.  You just happened to be the ones who got caught.  Deal with it.

To be fair, Karl Rove hasn’t made this any easier, but the boogeyman will be talking soon, so we’ll have that out of the way.  Hopefully, the people of Alabama can regain some credibility afterward.

Now, I humbly ask that you do one of two things.  Either accept the decision of the justices and jury and do your jail time like the other criminals or take this to the Supreme Court and get it over with.  Larry Langford and Troy King are losing perfectly good press time to your shenanigans.


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