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The Economy: Who’s to blame?

Posted by ALmod on March 9, 2009

First off, I don’t see the Dow as the single most measure of how the economy is doing.  I see the Dow as the single most measure of how the Dow is doing.  I see my paycheck, my job security, and my ability to pay my bills as the single most measure of how the economy is doing.  Thus far I haven’t seen a change since Obama took office; however, Obama’s policies have yet to go into effect.

Right about now, I hear a lot of former Bush supporters yapping over how this whole mess on Wall Street is Obama’s fault.  Oddly enough, these are the same supporters who also stated that Bush was not even partially responsible for 9/11 and even blamed it on Clinton.  I’d like to remind those people of two things:

1. The economy started to fail LONG before Obama was even voted into office.  The middle class has been feeling the burden of this economy as they saw their wages stagnate and the cost of living slowly go up.  Meanwhile, as the Bush Administration was reporting “new jobs,” they failed to report that those jobs paid substantially less than the jobs that they replaced.  That became noticable to most by about halfway through the Bush presidency to many people with it becoming more noticable about a year into his second term.  And the big crash on Wall Street?  That happened during the elections while the Republican candidate was leading in the polls.  (Obama’s rise in the polls was a direct result of that crash.)

2. It’s a long way to September 11, 2009.  That would mark the exact same point in his presidency where Bush was when he was (according to these same people) completely blameless for the federal government’s failure to act in response to warnings of a terrorist attack.  Instead, we are to believe that the failures of the Clinton Administration (if anyone) were solely to blame for what happened on September 11, 2001.

And so using the logic of these people, they will have to forfeit at least one of their arguments.  Either a) the Bush Administration was responsible for this economic downturn, or b) the Bush Administration was at least partially responsible for the events of September 11, 2001.  Pick one.


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