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News? Chimps can plan for the future?

Posted by ALmod on March 10, 2009

Apparently, some scientists are amazed that a chimp in a zoo would collect stones in anticipation of visitors and launched an attack.  At some point this becomes a huge scientific discovery.

There has been scant evidence in previous research that animals can plan for future events.

Maybe, but forgive me if this sounds familiar, there has been plenty of evidence that animals can predict a sequence of events when presented with repetition– like say a zoo schedule.

Honestly, when presenting a new theory, the first thing you do is attempt to disprove it by asking if there are any other possible explanations.  A situation not unlike Pavlovian conditioning might come to mind.

If the same things happen every single day at the same time, then maybe the chimp can start predicting that it will happen again and react as he would prefer to act regarding that situation.  I feed my dog at the same time every day.  If I forget, she brings me her bowl.  Sometimes she goes to her “spot” a little before it’s time and waits for me.

Mix up his schedule a bit.  If he can still plan adequately, I will be impressed.


One Response to “News? Chimps can plan for the future?”

  1. Don said

    I’m pleased to see you blogging once again. You were missed while on hiatus.

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