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Bringing Home the Bacon v. Piling on the Pork

Posted by ALmod on March 12, 2009

Last night, Jon Stewart was nice enough to cut away to a video clip of George Carlin:

“Have you noticed that their stuff is shit and your shit is stuff?”

(Here’s the full clip, just for the fun of it.)

Ain’t that the truth?

That’s about what happened with the latest spending bill, with many folks complaining about earmarks but most of them having earmarks that they were not willing to give up.  Give John McCain credit where credit is due for helping to expose this much.

Of course you’d expect the Republicans voting for this bill to have something at stake.  I mean, heck…  Sen. Shelby is famous (or infamous, even) for the amount of pork he directs to Alabama.  But then you notice that a lot of senators who voted against the passage had earmarks in the bill, which poses a situation not unlike the Alabama lawmaker pay raises a few years ago– where some could vote against and say that they voted against the bill but only because they knew that it would pass anyway.  So how many senators who railed against the earmarks in this bill (and even voted against it) had their own earmarks?  Here’s a handy list. (And yes, Jeff Sessions is on that list.)

Taxpayers for Common Sense also has a handy, dandy spread sheet if you prefer that format.

Honestly, it’s not like it’s a large portion of the bill, but if you speak out on something, be prepared to back that up with your own actions.  Speaking of which…

Remember how President Obama and others took such huge issue with President Bush’s signing statements?  Apparently, he no longer believes them to be a huge deal now that he’s the one issuing them.


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