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Archive for April 8th, 2009

Fox: Layoffs = Entertainment

Posted by ALmod on April 8, 2009

As if we didn’t already know that reality television was out of control…  As if we needed yet another example…  Along comes Fox with their newest idea–  a show in which we watch someone get axed.

Really?  Is this what we need right now?  Personally, I watch television as an escape from all the madness that goes on in real life.  That’s probably why I can’t stomach most reality shows.  (I do enjoy Dancing With the Stars, but I don’t rank it as a true reality show.  I consider it to be more of a game show, and I do fast forward through the training session scenes so that I can get to the dances themselves.)

And what kind of nutjob business owner (or employee) would in their right might sign off on a release for this show?!  Apparently, someone did, because it’s already in production.

I like something scripted that helps me forget for 30 minutes to an hour (or longer) just how scummy human beings can be.  That keeps me sane.  Yet, networks seem to be less and less interested in scripted shows with actors.  Give me Peter and Walter Bishop over Donald Trump any day.


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