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It isn’t my birthday.

Posted by ALmod on April 17, 2009

First Roy Moore.  Now this.  2010 is goign to be a good year for Alabama bloggers.

I’m honestly not sure how to react to this.  Sheila Smoot in any level of government can’t be a good thing.  And while I like Artur Davis, I have to admit that reader Don Seibold did warn me about who might take Davis’s seat should he run for governor, and he owes me an “I told you so” bomb for such.  So far the list is rather unimpressive at best and downright depressing at worst.

At the same time, I want her out of the Jefferson County Commission.  Yesterday.  While Congress would give her the opportunity to screw things up on a national level, it also puts her in a more prominent position and could as a result expedite any potential *cough* investigations.  Of course, with her legendary ego, she could also also turn herself into the next Cynthia McKinney and kill herself politically on a national stage.  All the while, she has hundreds of fellow congressmen who can help to keep her brand of crazy in line.

Okay, so maybe Congress isn’t exactly the best safeguard in the world against hair-brained decisions.  But I might be willing to take the odds of Smoot’s transition from “big fish in a small pool” to “little fish in a big pool.”  And if the feds catch up with her, she may not be there long, but she will at least be out of the Jefferson County Commission.


3 Responses to “It isn’t my birthday.”

  1. Don said

    I guess this proves I’m suffering from advanced dementia because I can’t recall telling you anything about Smoot., so I can’t say “I told you so”. 🙂

  2. ALmod said

    Nah, it was back when I was rooting for Davis to get a cabinet position. What you told me was more like, “If Artur Davis runs for governor/leaves his current position, the problem will be with whoever takes his seat in Congress.” That’s not an exact quote, mind you, but it was something to that effect.

  3. Don said

    I think that whatever you said sounds more like something I might say, maybe. Thanks for making me feel sane……at least for as long as I was reading whatever it was that someone, I think, maybe, wrote or whatever. :-))

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