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The Pundits Who Cried “Wolf”

Posted by ALmod on April 17, 2009

A shepherd boy decided to entertain himself one day.  He ran into the village and starting yelling that a wolf was near his sheep and that someone should come and help save his flock from this wolf.  So several villagers came to the rescue only to find the boy laughing at how he’d gotten everyone riled up.  After a short time, the boy became bored again, so he decided it would be fun to play his trick again.  He called for help, the villagers came running, and once again they found him laughing at their expense.  Shortly after, the boy spotted a large wolf coming toward his flock.  The boy ran into the village and screamed, “Help!  Wolf!”  The villagers just sat there thinking to themselves that this was just another of his tricks.  And so, the wolf ate his sheep.

A message to my friends on the far right:  The sky is not falling, and if it was, nobody would believe you at this point.

Case in point, the recent uproar and outrage over a DHS report on right-wing extremism (PDF) in this country.  Basically, it’s nothing more than a report on the topic of groups and lone wolves within our country who might be prone to attacks– some violent and some nonviolent– and continues to profile them.  The uproar was started by the usual suspects, not the least of which was Michelle Malkin.  This report that was issued by the DHS under Obama was surely his effort to stamp out those who disagreed with him politically!  They’re targeting the tea partiers.

Or not. That one was debunked in a rare moment of actual journalism by Fox News, of all things.

Among other things, we’ve learned that there is a very similar report on left wing extremism (PDF).  And yes, this report does cover general definitions as well, which you’ll find if you read the report.  (As does its counterpart discuss specific right wing incidents and groups.)  We’ve also leared that both documents were produced as a series that was ordered by the previous administration and just happened to be released while Obama was in office.  (We also remember the infamous “Free Speech Zones” during the Bush administration.  Nothing new.)  We also know that the FBI produced a similar report (PDF) on right-wing extremist groups and their recruitment of military veterans back in July of 2008.

“If Bush had done this…”  No, hon.  Bush did do this, and that’s the point.

Given all of this information, we can logically conclude that the most recent report was neither aimed at tea parties (which were organized and planned after the reports were made) nor was it was a hitjob by the Obama administration (which did not request them).

“Wolf.”  Can’t believe you fell for it again.

My problem is that we need a right.  We need a logically sound right that is coiled and ready to pounce when the president and his goons try to pull a fast one on us.  It has happened already, and it will happen again.  I doubt he’s a sinister evil overlord in disguise, but I’m not stupid enough to forget for one second that he’s still a politician.

But when the far right is so skittish right now that they’re inciting panic and fear about everything, then my fear is that they won’t be taken seriously at all when a real issue arises.  I’ve already taken to waiting a few days to discuss anything coming from the right because I’m sure that there’s more to the story.  What if there was a real threat from this administration that needed to be addressed urgently?

That’s a real problem.  That’s a big problem.


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