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Archive for April 29th, 2009

To Sen. Specter: Please come back (or at least join someone else)!

Posted by ALmod on April 29, 2009

I know a lot of folks are ticked at Sen. Arlen Specter right now, but I actually like the guy.  He was one of the few remaining GOP senators that I can still stomach.  That pretty much just leaves John McCain (barely), at this point.

I can relate to Sen. Specter to some degree.  He’s a moderate like me, after all, and these days, I’m finding less and less in common with the mainstream GOP.  I believe in small government (with some exceptions), less spending (with a few exceptions), and a strong national defense (but force used with restraint).  Those are core GOP principles, but the GOP seems to be backing away from those principles to appease the far right.

The problem is that I don’t relate to the Democrats.  While I’m willing to compromise some spending and some regulation, I’m not ready to go as far as the far left wants.  The Democrats do have their moderates, but make no mistake…  They’re just as far left as the Republicans are currently far right.  I doubt that’s what Sen. Specter has in mind.

So why join the Democrats?  Do they really NEED any more warm bodies?  Why not instead break away with other moderates of both parties and form a strong third party?  I want MORE choices, not fewer.


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Gov. Riley Vetoes Capitalism

Posted by ALmod on April 29, 2009

Well it’s not like the restaurants in Shelby County needed a fair shake anyway, right?  Not like we needed the extra tax revenue anyway, right?

At least the state legislature might (and that’s a big might) be able to find the guts to override his veto.

Look, alcohol is a legalized substance, and we’ve already proven that Prohibition didn’t work.  We have laws that cover substance abuse and DUI and such that work just as well on Sunday as any other day.  Shelby County residents are a mere 30-minute drive (or less) from a restaurant that can sell them a lemon drop with their lunch.  Folks can stock up on Saturday.  Continued prohibition of alcohol on Sundays in one county when the residents of that county want it is just nuts.

So I’m left to think that Gov. Riley hates capitalism and prefers that the state dictates that restaurants in one county have an unfair advantage in sales over restaurants another.  The only other excuse that I can think of to ban it for one day (or even part of that day) is for religious purposes, and I don’t want the government anywhere near my religion.  Neither should any other good conservative.

NOTE: I realize my own misuse of the word “capitalism” in the commentary above.  I’m being sarcastic, and I figured that if the cool thing to do is to generously misuse economic terminology, I have to be cool, too.

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100 Days: The Gloves are Off

Posted by ALmod on April 29, 2009

I said a while back that I would hold off on any real criticism of our new president until after his 100 days.  Why?  Well, for starters, I wanted to be fair.  I didn’t even start blogging until President Bush was well into his second term, and I didn’t criticize him at all until well into 2003.  Frankly, I’d blamed many of his initial problems on things that had lingered after the Clinton administration left office.

So I figured that I’d let Obama get the chair in the Oval Office good and warm before I started clobbering him.  Does this mean that the economic situation is his fault?  Yes and no.  It’s not hard to remember that the crisis we’re feeling today started well before the election.  However, Obama is and will continue to be responsible for any turns of the economy following implementation of his economic policies.  The budget?  I’m holding off on that one, as well.  Why?  I believe that the budget Obama gave us was also a direct result of what he was left to work with following the Bush administration’s leave, so I’m giving him a full year on that one.  If next year does not begin a continuing pattern of pulling back on spending, I fully intend to turn into my not-so-nice version.

Does this mean that I’m going to go easier on the far right?  Absolutely not.  Many a “conservative” blogger has lost respect in my eyes the past few months over the fact that they’ve gone to the far right, and by “far right” I mean the paranoid crazy-eyed minions of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh who seem to be jumping at every flicker of the lights as a sign that Obama is out to get them and destroy the world.  To them, Obama is a sinister being bent on world domination, and because of that, I can’t take them or anything they say seriously.  Apparently, neither can at least 70% of the population, since only around 30% disapproves of President Obama, and of that 30%, “disapprove” doesn’t necessarily mean “thinks he’s hell bent on destroying the country.”

I won’t be pouring gasoline over anyone’s head anytime soon.  I’d like for any critique of mine to be taken seriously, thank you very much.

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